Using MG3 as host for soft synths and a keyboard controller on some chains? Possible?

Just starting out with MG3 beta and the layout, midi machines etc is an inspiring playground.
Is it viable to have a keyboard controller and guitar ‘connected’ to MG3 at same time? I’m thinking it would help me learn a lot quicker if I have the fretboard and the keybed as well as more useful for playing with the instrument that suites me best in the moment.

Can you assign different controllers to different chains?

a looper is useful for some tasks where you need your hands free to tweak parameters.

i know this isn’t a direct answer to your query, but it may overlap.

going back and forth from the mouse to the guitar when modifying pb range or octave or xy this or that or inserting midi machines is tedious.

any generic hardware or software looper will help reduce the back and forth.

Yep, there was another similar request over here:

So for 3.0.50 we have a new MIDI DEVICE module:

Is that what you need?

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I’m not sure. Is CC 001 the note on information?
My apologies, I’m really new to synthesizers and all that is going on in MG3.

When I said ‘midi controllers’ I was thinking of having my Novation SL 49 MKIII keyboard controller being able to play notes in a soft synth that is hosted in a chain as well as have my guitar sending notes to a different soft synth in another MG3 chain.

I was also wondering could the Novation SL49 MKIII and my guitar both be connected to send notes to the same soft synth in a single chain?
So I could simultaneously play that chain with either instrument? Either alternate from playing with one input device then the other? Or even use left hand hammering on notes from guitar fretboard and use my right hand to playing a series of notes on the keybed…

Ah, sorry… I forgot to say, unlike the patch bay, this module will also keep a keyboard state (midi note on/off) and forward them as notes.

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