Using MIDI Guitar 2 32 bit with Ableton LIve 9 on windows 10 32 bit

I have failed so far to get MIDI Guitar 2 to be recognized as a plugin
in Ableton Live 9.7 (last 32 bit version) on Windows 10 32 bit…

It loads OK wit Ableton Live 11 on 64 bit windows 10 machines.

Does anyone know how to make this work please or can tell me conclusively it won’t work.


You didn’t specify whether you were also using the 32-bit version of the Midi Guitar plugin, but if so it should be recognized, the procedure being the same as in 64-bit.
There may be another reason for the problem, specific to your 32-bit computer.

OK I had another go and it is working now after I reorganised the VST’s on that machine.