Using MIDI Guitar 2 with Reason 11?

Im getting a new studio PC and when I heard about the MIDI Guitar 2 plugin I was very excited, as this would theoretically allow me to get rid of some very old and dicey hardware I have and allow me to do everything inside the box.

But apparently there are limitations with Reason and MIDI Guitar 2 that have something to do with Reason and VSTs. At least this was true with previous versions.

How would MIDI Guitar 2 interface with Reason 11 and Windows 10? Would I face any limitations? Is there any chance of these limitations being fixed with time?

Thanks in advance for all your advice!

as far as i know, Reason still doesn’t allow VST’s to output midi (I personally checked 10, no notion of improvement in later releases) You can load our plugin in Reason, but you can not record the midi. There is no proper work around.

Thank you for that information. I presume this means that only the onboard/built-into-the-VST-version synths will work in Reason?

Can the “standalone mode” version of the program be used, parallel to reason (I understand if this results in a CPU hit), to interface with external instruments, and the audio gets recorded into Reason even if the MIDI doesn’t? Does this standalone mode allow MIDI Guitar 2 to control VSTs that are loaded into Reason or internal-to-Reason synths?

Thanks again!

On windows running the standalone next to Reason is hard to accomplish: the ASIO drivers dont like multiple apps using it at the same time…
On macOS it is no problem.
If you run MG as standalone, it is seen as a normal keyboard by apps receiving this midi, so yes: any option would work then. Only converting existing audio tracks inside the DAW is not possible this way.

So please let me know if I’ve got this right…

I can either use Midi Guitar 2 in standalone mode as a virtual instrument (and use it to control third party softsynths, external hardware etc), OR I can use Reason… but if I’m using Midi Guitar 2 as a VST within Reason I will only be able to use the softsynths internal to MIDI Guitar 2 and I won’t be able to record the MIDI data (generated by MIDI Guitar 2) into Reason.

Is that correct?

Presumably one can’t open third party VSTs or route MIDI Out from MIDI Guitar 2 towards external synths when MIDI Guitar 2 is being used inside Reason?

that is all correct. it is all because Reason does not support a VST standard there. Midi output from a VST is a standard VST option.

Thank you for the clarification.

I guess either I could ask Reason Studios to start supporting the MIDI-Out-From-VSTs thing, or I can lobby them to add some sort of G-Synth instrument to the rack (or perhaps Jam Origin could make that instrument for Reason Studios, who knows if they’d be interested or not).

Or just wait a few years and reassess my G-Synth plans as time passes and the tech improves.

Does this MIDI-Out-From-VST apply to the VST in general? I’m using Max MSP and hoping to consume raw midi as messages from the VST.