Using Tecontrol with Midiguitar 2 in Studio One

can anyone offer any advice on using Tecontrol Breath Controller to control Midi Guitar 2 within Studio One? The Midi Guitar plug works fine with the breath controller in stand-alone mode. When I use the plugin in studio one, the midi learn function does not work, even though I can see the controller and the midi data displayed as an external controller. The assign function when using Midi Learn in Midi Guitar 2 does not respond to the midi input from the Tecontrol.

Thank you.


Hi Bob!
I am not using Studio One but if it works anything like Abelton the trick is to pass the Breath Controller MIDI on from a software track to the audio track you opened MIDI Guitar on to be able to use the MIDI learn function in MG2.

Here I assigned breath to Noise gate just to test the function, but that is of course not recommended. How are you using you breath controller with MG2? What things are you looking to control?

(Caveat; I am not sure this way of setting up is applicable to Studio One. Fingers crossed)

Thank you for your help.

I have spent a lot of time trying to get this to work. I have gotten to the point where I can use the breath controller to generate the envelope for my midi guitar signal using the master gain control in the plug in in Studio One. This works fine when I am monitoring the recording process. When I play back the audio track that I have recorded I do not hear the effect of the breath controller. The gain knob is fixed, when I am recording it will move as I play the controller. I have also been able to create a midi data track at the same time I am recording the audio track. What I cannot figure out is how do I then assign the recorded midi data track to control the gain knob in the plug in? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you again for your help.

My first spontaneous question is; why don’t you connect your breath controller to the Instrument you are recording directly? If you open that Instrument on its own track in Studio One and pass on the MIDI from both the MG2 plugin and the breath controller (as two separate streams, not trying to go with the BC via MG2), having them merge in the MIDI recorded on that instrument track. That way you have a lot more options on how to assign the breath controller too. I might be missing what you are trying to do though?

Thank you again, I greatly appreciate your help.
Should the MG2 be set up as a midi track, or an audio track? Write now I have it set up as a plug in to an audio guitar track as an effect, not a standalone midi instrument. It sounds correct when monitoring the recording process, and the MG2 and Breath Controller performs as expected. On play back the BC control functions are absent.
I am relatively new to the world of midi. It was always something to me that the keyboard guys had to deal with. This is no longer true!
Thank you again.

The Breath controller is like any other hardware MIDI controller, and it should show up in a list of available controllers. As I said before, I don’t know what Studio One looks like setting up. So we are going to have to hope for someone who actually uses that DAW can tell you exactly how to do this. But generally, you don’t record a separate track for a particular MIDI controller. You usually use something like “All” and you get MIDI from all those controllers to record on that track. This is what it looks like in Logic when I look at MIDI In Port:
Skärmavbild 2023-09-16 kl. 15.23.29

To be clear, set up any instrument you want to record on a software instrument track in
Studio One, and MIDI Guitar on a separate Audio track. Don’t use the breath controller via the MG2 plugin, it should be considered a separate controller going directly into the Instrument track. I believe the Studio setup has been discussed here in the forum before. Did you try searching for it?

I use Digital Performer and have to setup top with multi record to record to an audio track and midi track for MG2 to the VI sound source. I would also like to check out the tecontrol at some point.