Using Virtual Orchestra

Problem: Virtual Orchestra instruments have no volume. Piano and synth sound that come with Midi Guitar 2 have normal volume.

Virtual orchestra has been uploaded and unzipped and appear in the proper folder. All are checked. All the instruments appear in the Midi Guitar 2 window, but when I choose any of them (other than the few sounds built into Midi Guitar 2) there is no volume, no sound, There is an anemic little sound when I play, but it is not the sound of any of the instruments. The ‘anemic little sound’ does not change when I choose a different instrument.

I’d appreciate your help

It sounds as if you installed the SFZ files and sample files from Virtual Orchestra in wrong folders. In that case MG can list the instruments but cant locate the actual sample files.
Please make sure you have it installed as described on their webpage.

Thanks, please stick with me on this.
I did follow their instructions, carefully

You are right, MG lists the sample files but does not play them.

I Virtual Playing Orchestra as a folder containing folders for Brass, Woodwinds, etc. I can see the files within those folders. I still can’t figure out how to make MG see them. I’ve tried everything, over and over.
Does the VPO folder and/or folders inside it need to be in a particular place? I’ve added that folder to MG’s “scan folder” window and ‘saved’, but no good. Help, and thank you.

I had a similar problem with a virtual orchestra in SFZ format. If you go into the SFZ script with a text editor you can read which folder the script looks for the sample file and make sure that folder is in the same folder as the scripts. If the script cant see the sample it wont make a sound. I love a nice haunting solo cello in my version of “Hotel California”

Regards Max

Max, the scripts are in a .zip file, 220 k or so. When I try to unzip the file, it recreates an entire Virtual Orchestra folder. I don’t get an open script document.

Thanks again, bob

I don’t know what system you have. I’m on windows 10 and if I open the main folder there are various sub folders for the different instrument groups if you open an instrument group there should be a series of text documents. These are the SFZ scripts and I can read them with Windows Notepad which is the native text editor in Windows. scroll down to where you see the script call for a sample

If you are using the Virtual Playing Orchestra 3 you should have downloaded 2 files The first one called Virtual Playing Orchestra 3 performance scripts and a second file called Virtual Playing Orchestra wave files. these are your samples. look for a folder called “libs” (short for libraries I guess)
Inside your scripts folder you should see a single folder called “Virtual Playing Orchestra”. Open and copy the “libs” folder here. Now your scripts should have access to the wave file libraries.
Sorry, this sounds a lot more complicated now than it seemed when I started. I had to figure this all out through trial and error when I did it and had to go back and check my files and trace my method. The reading of the script clued me in on where the samples needed to be.
Hope this helps regards