Version 3 is really good

Beta user here and I don’t really have a bug to report, I just wanted to say how great this version works not just compared to the previous version but compared to all Guitar to MIDI systems I ever worked with :exploding_head:

The combination of the extended MIDI specs and your improved tracking really is solving so many problems all previous systems had.

  • The tracking is great, I can play “dirty” and it gets the right notes and has way fewer false-positives from noise
  • No double-notes from hammering and picking the string slightly out of time (hope you can keep this as good with lower latencies :slightly_smiling_face:)
  • No issues with bendings and aftertouch on multiple strings is actually usable, separating strike and pressure makes so much sense for guitar!

Really the only downside is the latency currently, even with low latency hardware 256 samples is a bit sluggish. Its actually quite a bit more latency than what you’re showing in the settings panel when counting sound-in to sound-out. But I’m sure you’ll get it working great!

So, yeah, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Are you saying that with the same audio card and latency settings, with MG3 you have more latency thank with MG2?

Could you please let us know which Mac/OS version you are on?

Aye. I have to agree! Really impressed.
The guys have worked really hard on this. You can tell. We all owe them a wee beer!
Tested it for the past few hours. It works fine in standalone with a wee quirk of not showing the second synth if you load 2 in. You have to change the number of columns then it comes back.
I’ve got an older 2014 Intel Mac book pro running Big Sur.
Works fine in Logic 10.5.1. I did some midi recording and there was no blue notes whatsoever. A few doubles because I was playing fast (which you don’t really hear, but see). Very impressive.
Excellent in Albeton 11.2.6
Is fine with Mainstage (my main live synth host) although it’s a wee bit quirky on piano patches.
I feel it needs a control to attenuate the lower strings a bit, like in MG2.
Tracking is good. As good as the Triple Play, but MG2 feels smoother. I agree it’s just the sample rate. I also think that when using a standalone synth in 'hardware’mode it’s better to run it 48k.
Integrates perfectly with my FBV controller and is very intuative to programme. Mainstage is like hearding midi cats by comparison. There’s a few things it doesn’t do yet, but I’ll leave the developers to catch their breath first!
Could be the gamechanger in the world of synth guitar.


No, it’s just that the roundtrip latency at 256 samples is not 5.8ms, that value is a bit misleading.

From classic hardware systems I am used to larger latencies with lower notes, with MIDIGuitar it all seems to be in the same ballpark, even with higher notes. If you get it down to 64 samples for everything that would be great. Maybe otherwise a few detection rounds with lower notes being detected later could work. But I have no idea how all the code looks under the hood so I am just guessing.

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I am testing on MacOS 14.2.1 on an Intel MacBook from 2019 - but as said theres no specific issues.

Just had my first multi-hour deep dive in MG3. Incredibly impressive! I made a bunch of bug/design improvement notes…found an interesting way to kill it too. Will have to think about how to best deliver all these thoughts. Suffice to say, excellent work, Ole. My imagination is ignited with possibilities for this software.

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Thanks, I was curious because I was having the blank GUI issue but that was solved by the .37 update.

Mac mini M1, 16GB, Ventura 13.6.1
I’ve been running the Standalone and through Logic Pro X 10.8.1

Three hours or so of use and have encountered no problems so far, on the contrary my first impressions are just how fantastic this new MG3 is. The tracking is greatly improved straight off the bat and I’m finding that plugins I had struggled to tame previously are working far more consistently now. It’s been a real joy to tinker with percussive sounds, like pianos for example, without the multitude of ghost notes and false triggers I’d struggled to avoid in the past.

The UI is very intuitive, I can’t wait for further updates where I’m assuming one will be able to reorder the chain by dragging and would greatly appreciate the ability to resize the plugin in Logic as I have to currently strain to read the text.

I’m hugely impressed at what you have achieved - thank you so much.


After a few hours spent playing with this new MG3 version, I really enjoyed myself with new gaming sensations, due to the MPE which was used very well by the Jam Origin team, well done!
The playing sensations are very similar, or even better, in some cases, than with the GM-800, which was, I think, the best current tool for a Midi guitarist.
The GM-800, however, is much better in terms of latency, allowing, for example, strumming on a guitar, which is more difficult with the MG3.
On the other hand, with plugins like “Pigment (Arturia)” or “StudioPlayer/Equator2 (Roli)”, it’s a real pleasure to use MG3.
The ergonomics of MG3 are pretty good with its 3 channels in parallel and its connection system with external controllers.
For my use, I am impatiently awaiting a version of MG3 which allows a sample rate of 48K with an adjustable buffer, in order to be able to use it with my QuadCortex which has a sample rate blocked at 48K.
Another point that I consider important for the future is to review the scrolling system to select a plugin. When you have dozens of them, it is extremely tedious to have to scroll through an endless list with the mouse. The selection system in MG2 was much better, even if it was not adaptable in terms of font size.
In any case, a big thank you to JamOrigin for this release which must have required so much work!
Quick example with 3 tracks.

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Thank you for the encourging feedback everyone!

I think you earned the first YouTube video other than @LoFiLeiF. Very nice to see some of the features come to good use! :smiley:

Of course the 44.1KHz limitation is just temporary and I have scrolling plugins and keyboard shortcuts on my TODO-list. (see this post about samplerate limitation: 44.1 khz Only Option makes this unusable for me. Any way around this? - #7 by JamO)