Video - an unconventional way to use midi guitar

hello there,
during experimentation i recently stumbled upon a way to use mg2 in an unconventional way to create what i find to be a very nice bass sound from a regular electric guitar. advantages of this method compared to other methods are:
-no latency
-transients remain unchanged
-you can for example set it up so that only the notes from e2 to e3 are transposed.
-all playing dynamics, use of tone knob etc. are kept intact

here is a short video:

if some is interested, i can do a follow up video of how i did it. :wink:



that sounds fantastic!

i’ve been fighting with the latency on the low e string in midibass. this approach outranks anything i’ve tried.

it’s very fluid, and you’re doing great things with it. please do post a how to vid.

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very cool! a how to video would be great also! thanks!


here is the tutorial. excuse my crackly voice, i’ve never talked into a microphone all by myself before :sweat_smile:


thanks for both the concept and the video, which makes it much easier to comprehend.

i expect to employ this immediately on the top two strings of a fretless bass with independent pickups. this will allow me to use mg2 and retain pitch bend plus it sounds much better than my previous solution (octaver).

if available in pedal form this effect would be namm’s next number one.

and most any type of player will want this, to fatten up the sound on solos, the loopers need wide bass lines, the bit tweakers will throw in some arp appegiation.

hereby nominated as jamo’s #1 post of the year.

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Thanks for your kind words.
you said your bass has independant pickups, but you could also make a polyphonic version in drambo with multiple oscillators… in case you need help with the setup, let me know :slight_smile:

i’m going to start messing around with it tonight. i’ve downloaded vcv - this is my first foray into the eurorack/cv world, but i have no worries as you make it look super easy,

thanks for the offer, if i do get stuck i will definitely ask for assistance.

Cool. I‘m very interested to hear how well it works with bass guitar. Let me know :slight_smile:

i may be almost there. had troubles with vcv and my audio interface. found a vst wrapped version but it crashes ableton. now have cardinal working but i’m still figuring out the routing.

more soon.

here are some snippets of prehm’s technique applied to a bass tuned D2A2D3E3 (instead of the standard E1, A1, D2, G2).

the cv bass signal is running through kuassa’s cerberus bass amp but is otherwise unmodified.

some clips start with cv bass only, then repeat with various korg mono poly layers on top.

the eurorack/cv emulator in use is ‘cardinal’.

why do this? it solves the latency issue. my bass is now just as responsive as my guitar.

plus it’s like electricity flows straight out of your fingertips and right into the strings.

thanks @prehm !!!

Cool, can we have a screenshot of the settings in Cardinal?

here you go:

Cool gonna try it out……