VST Instrumemts

Hi, I’m thinking of using Midi Gtr to trigger some pads/strings behind my guitar chords. I’ve been using Reason so far. Can anyone recomnend some good VST instruments?

Sure! U-he Diva is great for pads. As is Dune 3 (Synapse Audio), The Arturia synths, and there are a lot of great pads in the Gforce Oberheim synths as well (OB-E, OB-X)

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I agree with the recommendation for Diva. I haven’t purchased Dune 3 yet, so can’t comment on it.

If you have Diva, I suggest that you take a look at Unify by PluginGuru. It’s amazing. PluginGuru also has three excellent libraries for Diva that have also been “Unified” and include a bunch of bonus Unify presets.

Unify by PluginGuru

Diva Station for Diva and Unify

The Unlight for Diva and Unify

Oneria for Diva and Unify

Here are a couple of Unify preset packs that I own that don’t require a third party synth.

Magic Motion for Unify

Signs of Life Special Edition for Unify

And here are PluginGuru’s YouTube videos

PluginGuru YouTube channel

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