VST Loading Issues


I’m trying to load the VST into Abelton but it doesn’t recognise the dll VST files. So when I browse a location from Abelton, it looks empty, even though the files are there.

Any ideas?



first install the VST’s in the normal locations ( see jamorigin.com/daw for instructions if needed).
If ableton doesn “see” them rightaway: go to the plugin section in live preferences, click on “rescan” while you hold down the ALT key.

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Hi Paul

Thanks for your reply, though I’m still having issues with your software. As they may be connected, I’ll detail them all:

I still can’t get Abelton to find it. I have a couple of VST plugins on my computer that it can find, and MIDI Guitar is in the same folder but it still can’t see it. I tried ALT Rescan but that didn’t work, nor did deleting and reinstalling the program.

Version Update
Twice now I have installed the program, and have pointed it at the licence, but it still seems to think I have the trial version. When I click on either New or Save from the Patch section, it says I need to download the paid version, which I’ve done. And it keeps telling me an Update is available, which I’ve already got. Is there a way for me to point it again at the licence?

I can’t yet get the program to talk to Abelton, so I can’t use it to record MIDI. On the MIDI Interface section, the Output is set to None, and there is no option to change that. I’m not sure if that’s because it still thinks I have the trial version, but I assume that’s the reason it’s not talking to Abelton.

Your help would be appreciated.


there are no known problems with loading our VST in Ableton.

Most likely you put the wrong VST in the 64 bit VST folder: a 32-bit plugin will not be loaded when placed in the 64 bit folder.
The default plugin folder for most 32bit hosts is c:/program files (x86)/Steinberg/VstPlugins/
The default plugin folder for most 64bit hosts is c:/program files/Steinberg/VstPlugins/
You most likely have a 64bit Ableton Live version.

The trial app can be deleted: on some systems the full version will not overwrite the trail app. You can recognise the trial: the version of it is 2.0.18 (is wirtten below the title in the app window). This app will allways stick to trial mode.
Uninstall that app and install the full 2.2.1 version. The license key is stored at a separate spot, will not be influenced by the uninstall.

Ok so to be clear, if my daw (Cakewalk) is 64bit, MG2 will only see 64bit VSTs.(?) That cuts out 90% of what I own. Not only that, there are many 64bit VSTs (10%) that it doesn’t see. SFZs seem to be ok, just no VSTs at all.

In a DAW you don’t load synths inside the MG plugin, you load synths on another DAW track. That is also where you record the midi.
So the number of synths is allways equal to the number of synths you have in your DAW. Some 64 bit DAW’s offer 32 bits bridge modes, and that is where you will find the most satisfaction if you want your old plugs to work.
(Ofcourse you can load our 32-bit VST in a 32 bit DAW)