VST not being recognized in Ableton 10 lite

So i have Midiguitar 2 installed on my computer which as a standalone is working great. However, i cant seem to get get Ableton 10 live lite to recognize the VST so i can use it in Ableton. I have gone through all of the forum topics on both here and the Ableton site and followed the instructions therein and am still not having any luck. I am wondering if there is any other trouble shooting that can be done to possibly fix the issue, and if not, is there some other way to utilize the program for recording purposes.

  1. are external VST switched on in Abletone Live preferences?
  2. hit rescan with ALT key pressed

Hi Paul, I had done all of those things to fix the issue and still no luck. However I am not married to ableton as I got it free with my midi controller so I simply switched to Reaper and problem solved. Thanks for your time

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Same here, just cannot get the plugin to show up. Others I have installed show up instantly.
Would love to be able to use it in Ableton, anything I may be missing?

Thank you in advance…

In case you are using Ableton on Mac, make sure you have the latest update at jamorigin.com/download
On windows, this is not known problem - are you sure you have the MG VST in a folder that Ableton actually scans?

WIndows and Yes, the DLL is in the VST folder Ableton is scanning.
I’ll take another look but I have reinstalled and told Ableton to look in the default folder and the custom folders

I do not have a .VST3 file extension like the other plugin that does work. Just a DLL…

MG is a VST2, and they should reside in a different folder than VST3’s. VST2’s have a .dll file extension.
Also make sure you have 32/64bit parity among the MG VST and Ableton.

OK, I’ll uninstall and try again!..thank you.

from Ableton…Live 10 is 64-bit only, so 32-bit plug-ins won’t appear in Live 10, and the 64 bit I am installing doesnt have the VST3 extension…I am confused and exhausted…thanks but I just cant expend much more energy on this, I have been trying all morning to get it to work.

Is there a 64 bit vts3 file that should get created, else it wont work with A.L. 10

The MG 64bit VST2 will work fine in Ableton, you just need to make sure Ableton scan the VST2 folder where the MG 64bit .dll reside.

I’m following the defaults on the install, and the DLL is in the path…oh well…I’m only 25 years new to installing crazy software, I’ll keep plugging away…In 1995 I had a win 3.1, a win 95 and a MAC machine all talking to each other, sharing files and printing to a $5k Lasergraphpics slide printer, so this should be easy…I really appreciate the help!

Ableton just isnt seeing the DLL in the Steinberg/vst folder. Its there, I can see it but Ableton cant. Oh well…I give up. not worth the time…

Ok, sorry to hear.

For future references, here is Abletons guide to set the VST2 plugin folder:

thank you…I’ll give it a look…

Ok, it works in Audacity, but when I apply the piano to a previosly recorded wav file, it flattens the signal to zero …is this a limit of the trial?

Finally got it all to work, had to look in the VST2 folder and voila.
Just ordered, thank you!

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