VST version - patch recall

Hello group!

Just bought MidiGtr2 about 2 days ago and I absolutely love it. I noticed a strange problem though, and not sure yet if it is caused by my DAW or by the plugin itself. (OR… if I am not overlooking something…)


  • Created a patch named JF_TEST02 in my DAW. This patch loads within itself one VSTi (Rapture), one VST effects (Guitar Rig 5) and a VST Solid bus compressor from NI.
  • Saved the patch in Midi Guitar itself.
  • Also saved the preset in the daw’s VST PLUGIN container’s management bar.
  • Saved the DAW’s session… (of course)

At that point, I noticed that I could also see the name of the patch used in Guitar Rig 5.

Upon re-opening the session:

  • MidiGuitar seems to reload all the settings in all of its components correctly AFAIK (so far)…
  • Midi Guitar’s PATCH NAME reverts back to DEFAULT (problem)
  • the loaded VSTs loaded within Midi Guitar are not showing their patch names anymore (problem)

Since there is no preset “picker” when hitting again the save patch button in MidiGuitar, we cannot simply select the desired patch name to re-update it. We need to remember the patch’s exact original name and re-type it.

These hiccups are NOT show stoppers of course, but are impacting workflow in an important way I think, unless I am not getting something obvious here. (like a limitation in the VST protocol not supporting patch names in a “nested” VST plugin within a “parent” VST plugin…

Anybody else here noticed this? Is there a workaround? Bugfix in the roadmap?


Win10 20H2
Cakewalk by Bandlab (2020.11)
Tascam US20x20

I could not post my 2 screenshots here.

Trying again… Image below is Midi Guitar’s interface when re-opening my DAW’s project.

Thank you for making very detailed descriptions. It helps a lot.

About the first two problems - that MG doesn’t save its own name or program names of loaded plugins, you are correct. It’s a known issue that we couldn’t get consistent because of the plugin-in-a-plugin approach and daws and plugins seems to handle differently.

I think now with AUv3 and VST3 it’s addressed for the next major updates.

I’m not quite sure what you mean about your second suggestion - maybe you miss a “save as…” button?

I think he means when he changes patches on his daw it doesn’t bring up the saved settings in mg. It reverts to default