VSTs don't show up?

So, I installed the demo of MG, with intention to buy soon but I need to be sure it’ll work.

Standalone MG works fine :+1:

However the plugin versions (I left in my usual two folders that I keep most of my 32 and 64 bit plugins in) don’t show up in any DAW.

I have checked both Ableton and Reaper.

I then installed an iZotope plugin in the same file location today and those show up just fine

I’m using Win10 with external SSD.

Is this a demo thing? How do I get that vst to show up?

It should work if you installed the MG VSTs and Ableton/Reaper scan the location where you have the .dll.
Sometimes people forget that MG is an effect, not an instrument - so you should find it when applying effects to audio tracks (not midi tracks)

Hi Jamo

I understand how the plugin works as I’ve watched the tutorials.

To be clear I’m just not seeing the files appear in my plugin lists even after I’ve scanned.

Again, I installed a different vst since installing the midi guitar one and the more recent vst shows up while MG doesn’t.

Does the plugin have a different name other than “midi guitar”?

Just two things comes to mind:

  • MG is a VST2 whereas most newer VSTs are VST3. VST2 and VST3 files usually have different file locations to scan. So make sure MG is in your VST2 folder.
  • Make sure you scan the location of the MG 64bit VST if your DAW is 64bit. Scan the location of MG 32bit VST if your DAW is 32bit.

Hey, I managed to fix it by reinstalling, the files were in the correct place

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