Want to record sounds in garageband on my Mac

Hello, recently purchased the midi guitar for garageband app from the app store for my mac. I want to know how I can record these sounds in garageband. So far, I have been able to connect the app into garageband passively, but it will not recognize the sounds from the app. Thanks.

Originally MIDI Guitar for Garageband is just for getting the midi output to Garageband (or another DAW) and secondly for having a little host to play with.
All the synths and fx you can load in MIDI Guitar for Garageband can also be loaded in Garageband, with exception of the small builtin synths and piano of MIDI Guitar.
So there should be no urgent need to record MG’s output into a Garageband session.

On iOS there the IAA (Inter App Audio) that allows MG to be recorded into other apps. this protocol is not available on macos. There are a few possible workarounds.

  1. most simple: use a demo of Screenflow. it is a screen capture app, and it will allow to record the computers output audio. The demo will put big “DEMO” on screen, but the audio is unchanged. You can export the audio to aiff.
  1. most versatile: use Soundflower. It can route audio in between apps. It is not simple, but it can also record MG straight into Garageband.

Thank you Paul. Incredibly deceptive that Garageband is in the name of the app, and yet it won’t fully connect. It took me a long time to figure out what DAW meant.