Weird popping noise

Hi, I am using MIDI Guitar 2 through an iPad into an Omec Teleport. For a few months I have had a issue of random noises. Its kind of a mix between a pop and a click. It causes my delay and reverb pedals to enhance the sound and it is very distracting during quiet moments. It isn’t constant and happens at random times. It doesn’t matter if the signal is split or mixed. It always comes through my amp. I keep my iPad output volume down when the cord isn’t plugged in. I turn it all the way up when I plug the usb cord in. If I leave the ipad output volume up, the ipad will start to screech, even when plugged in… If that makes sense. If you have ever turned midi guitar on without it being plugged in, you know the sound! I have tried 2 different Omec teleports and have switched out the cables, but its always the same thing. I am not running any other apps, and I have it in airplane mode with no wifi! The only plugin I use is Noise. Any ideas?

sounds like the USB connector on your ipad or the camera kits connection is faulty.
The screeching happens when MG is switched to the onboard audio, whcih is caused by losing the USB connection.
If you use the camera kit adapter: test using the Teleport without the adapter, running your ipad on batterypower. If this still screeches you might try find outwhich cable or connector is faulty.

So I use a straight lightning to usb cord. I don’t use an adapter and I have switched out the cable. The ipad is only a year old and was bought brand new. It does seem like the sound is caused by an interruption in the signal to the pedal. Should I be using an adapter instead of the lightning to usb?