what about harps ?

Is it possible to implement the system for a 36 string harp?

it all depends on what you want to do, e.g: MIDI Guitar is not made to recognise more than 6 notes at a time.
the best thing to do is to just download the app from jamorigin.com/download and see if it fits your needs. Usage of a pickup instead of a microphone is recommended in any case.

Thanks, Paul. Yes, I already downloaded the demo and no, it doesn’t work. We use harps with a piezo-electric on each string.

There is a lack of realtime software converters in general, and that is why many try MG for it. We can not possibly support all different instruments, if it works for another instrument it is just coincidence. Predictable are issues with pianos and harps, that have way too many string at once reverberating.

maybe one day. let us know. we are thousands waiting