Which guitars track “better” with MIDI Guitar 2&3?

I have several instruments but would like to use the guitar that works best with MIDI Guitar tracking. Thoughts? Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

there has been a lot of discussion on this subject.

i haven’t used mg3 yet, so this applies to mg2 only.

i’ve used a wide variety of guitars with mg2, everything from an ibanez baritone acoustic to a hofner ‘shorty’. even cheap-o’s like the shorty work well, as long as they are setup properly (intonation, string height, pickup height).

i’ve also had good results with two different nylon guitars with piezo pickups.

switching strings around i can’t really tell if heavier or lighter are better.

in the end, though there’s not that much of a difference between guitars, in my opinion. the player’s technique and the key settings (gate, gain, curve) make more of a difference.

voodoo-wise, if you have a thru neck guitar with just a single pickup i personally guarantee it will deliver the best jambalaya.

the super nice thing about mg2/3 is that you can audition all of your guitars without having to install/remove/adjust external pickups.

you will probably end up with a favorite, which is probably going to be the guitar you enjoy playing most. but if one of your guitars has been set up more recently, start with that one.


Thank you kimyo ! ……….