Which to buy. Garageband app vs plugin version

I tried the MidiGuitar for Garageband app version on my iMac. I use both Garageband and Logic. It seems to work satisfactorily for both. I use it to trigger midi virtual instruments in Garageband and Logic, not as a stand alone Midi Guitar app. I am trying to decide if the more expensive Plug-in version offers any advantages for my situation.

My questions are…

  1. Does the Garageband version trigger Mainstage as well?

  2. Does the more expensive VST/AU version offer any advantage in terms of speed and tracking time etc. based on the fact that it is a plugin not an app running in parallel?

The main difference is that the plugin version comes as AU plugin. It also has more features.

The MG4GB version is only standalone, but you can trigger anything with it, including Logic and Mainstage.

  1. Yes, 2. No.