Which VST Instruments Sound Best w/ MIDI Guitar 2?

Hi, all. Finally got MG2 up & running in Studio One Six. I’d be interested in learning from you your favorite instruments and presets - synths, samplers, keyboards, brass, strings, pads, whatever - and how you use them.

I’ve got the Native Instruments Komplete Bundle, UVI instruments, a bunch more.

I’m pretty new to this, and mostly using my setup for composition, backing tracks, and sheer creative fun. For inspiration, I’m wondering what and how others use MG2 in various combinations. (Equally interested in what doesn’t work well!)

Hi there @diverdjango

I’ve done a few of these “Best software for MG2” - videos over the years. They are all on my YT channel if you are interested. LoFiLeif - YouTube

In my experience there are a more instruments that work and play good in UVI containers (Falcon or Workstation) that there are for Native Instruments Kontakt generally. But there are certainly duds for both. But as we are closing in on MG3 and MPE compatibility, I would also have you look at those instruments that are already MPE enabled. It is a world of difference to work with, since we can finally have the specific characteristics from our guitar come through as asset instead of a hindrance. I have a series of videos on MPE instruments as well. But generally I’d say UVI has shown to be further along into fully implementing also MPE into its libraries than Native Instruments. What I want generally are nimble, responsive and flexible instruments, and here is one of those videos, in which I go over my findings. Hope that it can be of some use to you! :+1:


Excellent, Leif! I’ve watched & been inspired by several of your videos, but I haven’t seen this one. I’ll give it a look right now. I love your work, too - you have an uncanny ability to make “out there” seem as melodic and natural as bebop.


So, Leif, just to clarify: MPE-enabled instruments like UVI’s IRCAM2 Solo Instruments will already sound better in MG2 today, without having to wait for full implementation of MPE inside MG2?

(That’s what I’m picking up from your remarkable & enjoyable video series.)

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So, about the Ircam Solo Instruments, they are probably not my first choice to go for if asked about a great MPE instrument. I really don’t know what they have done with these, but I get the feeling they are old samples in a newer (attempt at MPE) package. They are very unpractical as there are a lot of articulations patches, and Keyswitches on top of that. Not very practical from a playability perspective, and unfortunately not very great MPE implementation with regard to dynamic control. Strike and Aftertouch are unbalanced to me. I am more thinking of third party developers like Expressive E’s “Patchworks” library, or the hardware devs Joué, and their MPE instruments. They really work great with Falcon.
But on the other hand, where the Ircam instruments have a standard MIDI mode, and a separate MPE setting, and can thus be said to already work for MG2 (if you like what you hear - which I don’t), “Patchworks”, on the other hand, is an MPE collection of presets that works best with the additional input of at least PRESSURE (AT) and CC74.
Then you have instruments like Acousticsamples’ Vhorns Saxophones which do also have an MPE setting to work inside of Falcon, but it really doesn’t do anything extra. The Vhorns work already fine in Falcon in MG2.
So, for now, I am just saying that UVI seems to have a container that is slightly better suited for (third party) development of MPE instruments. :grinning: :+1:

My 1999 Midi guitar rig was A Proteus 2000 (after dabling with a Roland JV880 then FV2080 for a short time).

I recently tried MIDI Guitar 2 with Proteus VX (which can get made to run on Windows 10 but is a bit unstable and 32 bit) and was reminded how GOOD the sounds are especially the few I used with the Yamaha G50 back then.

I had about 15 synth sounds that I used for that rig. But it was a monster 6U rack thing. The ammount of time I spend messing around wilth Ableton trying to get a decent sounds in Abletoe etc I am half tempted to resurect it. But there is nothing LIke Sounddover for managing romplers these days it seems.

Hi there,
I just want to share my so good experience using MIDI Guitar 2 with Bitwig Studio and its synth Polymer. You should try, especially with a little glide. I’m using MIDI Guitar 2 on my Linux box via Yabridge and RME Babyface PRO fs as audio card and it’s perfect! Extremely low latency, ready and steady, perfect tracking, bending and everything… My guitarist (I’m a keyboardist) is happy as a kid! We’re experiencing a new breath. Thanks!
PS: We tried all different guitars, Stratocaster with LedSensor, Telecaster with splittable humbucker, Schecter with Duncan pickups, Parker, any guitar is perfect into MIDI Guitar 2… so happy! even a microphone and a voice! :slight_smile:


Hello Fabrizio, welcome here :slightly_smiling_face:
I know at least one user playing the harmonica with MG, some others with wind instruments and in live situations, I’ve also used my voice to trig synth layers or samples. :wink:

As for the guitars, I’ve never really worried about whether one works better than another in MG; my priority is to choose the one I prefer to play for a given piece.

Oh, sure! Clearly the purpose of different guitars is for the guitar sound itself! Being one keyboardist and one guitarist, I don’t really need another plain synth, it’s the combination with the guitar sound that is interesting! So the midi part is complimentary to it.

You could consider sampling the sounds of your Proteus and other with Bliss.
It’s mainly used to lighten very large sound banks (Kontakt, etc.) and to retrieve sounds from other sources.
You can test it using the trial provided.

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Thanks I had consider resampling actually but sampling is unknown territory for me howevere I have an Electribe sampler.
There is also Proeus VX but it is 32bit and XP era and a bit flaky on windows 10 (requires run as admin in compatability mode).
I havn’t fired the old G50 and P2k rig for about 5 years, maybe it is about time I tried but there are multiple logistic complications.
Anyway I have been making some progress undertandind Ableton LIve Suite sounds. I had some good help from FB groups over the weekend.
Gettig the pitch bend right (I always use a whole ocatave for MIDI gutar or none at all). is still proving a bit challenging though.

i just installed ‘melox’, a melodica vst last night and it’s a lot of fun.

i have to try it with the breath controller next, and run it through some nice dub delays.

it’s $20. not bad cpu-wise on windows.