Why can't I convert a mono audio guitar track to a MIDI track using MIDI Guitar 2 in Cakewalk?

I followed the instructions for Cakewalk by Bandlab in the MID Guitar 2 DAW guides. I have a mono audio guitar track, into the FX bin of which I have loaded MIDI Guitar 2. I have no problem getting MIDI Guitar 2 to play the audio guitar in whatever voice I choose (e.g., Rhodes) and outputting that to the speakers or any bus I choose, but when I try to record that MIDI signal for editing etc., I can’t.

In MIDI Guitar 2’s VST2 drop-down I have enabled MIDI Output (set to Omni). I have an empty MIDI track (input set to Omni) into which I am trying to record the MIDI version of the audio guitar. Both tracks have Input Echo set to On. When I arm the MIDI track for recording and start recording, a clip appears in the MDI track as though something is being recorded. However, when I stop recording, that clip appears - with MIDI data visible, for a fraction of a second - and then it disappears, leaving the MIDI track empty as before. Part of the problem seems to be that when I try to set the outputs for the audio track, only audio outputs are available - the MIDI outputs box is greyed out. I have tried setting the instrument in MIDI Guitar 2 to ‘no instrument’, and to MDA E-PIANO, but it makes no difference to the outcome. I have also used Cakewalk Plugin Manager to check and uncheck the box ‘Configure as synth’ - but again the result is the same either way.

I feel sure that the software I have purchased is capable of doing the thing that I bought it for - converting existing audio guitar tracks to MIDI. But I just can’t seem to make it happen. Can anyone help?

Hello, I wanted to share my Cakewalk settings with you that allow me to record the guitar signal from the interface then simultaneously record the MIDI notes created by the MIDI Guitar software.

Guitar to interface to Cakewalk
Set up your interface as usual. In cakewalk create an audio track.
Input: Choose the interface channel your guitar audio will come from.
Output: like normal, send the guitar signal to the MASTER after it passes into the guitar channel.
In the Guitar tracks “FX” Bin, insert “MIDI Guitar 2”.

Open the MIDI Guitar 2 plugin from the FX Bin. Be sure the “VST” drop down menu (top left) shows “Midi Out” as selected. If it isn’t than select it.
Then just below the “Midi Out” option you selected there’s a “plugin properties” button, click that.
Once you are in the “Plug In properties” you’ll see an option pre selected called “Configure as time based effect”, that’s what we want to change. So, select “Configure As Synth” which will also deselect the time based effect option.

Back in Cakewalk “track view” create a MIDI track then choose “Input : MIDI GUITAR”. Then for output you can choose any Synth or midi you like.
turn on input echo for both midi and guitar and select red record button.


Midi Guitar VST Plug In properties

Devils, this is very nice of you to take the time to spell out so well. Thank you very much!

I did everything as you described, but I couldn’t select the synth at the last output, and when I pressed the record button, no MIDI was recorded.
What am I missing?

Hi Nolly, checking in with you to see if you’ve got Cakewalk to work with Midi Guitar yet and if not I wanted to offer to send you my cakewalk template for Midi Guitar via email or however you like. Lemme know how i can help.

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I had forgotten about the VST MIDI OUT setting. Thanks for this reminder!
Hope this image is helpful.