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Why can't I convert a mono audio guitar track to a MIDI track using MIDI Guitar 2 in Cakewalk?

I followed the instructions for Cakewalk by Bandlab in the MID Guitar 2 DAW guides. I have a mono audio guitar track, into the FX bin of which I have loaded MIDI Guitar 2. I have no problem getting MIDI Guitar 2 to play the audio guitar in whatever voice I choose (e.g., Rhodes) and outputting that to the speakers or any bus I choose, but when I try to record that MIDI signal for editing etc., I can’t.

In MIDI Guitar 2’s VST2 drop-down I have enabled MIDI Output (set to Omni). I have an empty MIDI track (input set to Omni) into which I am trying to record the MIDI version of the audio guitar. Both tracks have Input Echo set to On. When I arm the MIDI track for recording and start recording, a clip appears in the MDI track as though something is being recorded. However, when I stop recording, that clip appears - with MIDI data visible, for a fraction of a second - and then it disappears, leaving the MIDI track empty as before. Part of the problem seems to be that when I try to set the outputs for the audio track, only audio outputs are available - the MIDI outputs box is greyed out. I have tried setting the instrument in MIDI Guitar 2 to ‘no instrument’, and to MDA E-PIANO, but it makes no difference to the outcome. I have also used Cakewalk Plugin Manager to check and uncheck the box ‘Configure as synth’ - but again the result is the same either way.

I feel sure that the software I have purchased is capable of doing the thing that I bought it for - converting existing audio guitar tracks to MIDI. But I just can’t seem to make it happen. Can anyone help?