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WIDI wireless breath control

I’m almost there. I’m really inspired by the wireless demos and got the guitar wireless with the BrainFay and it’s perfect. Now 'just sorting out the last piece, the wireless breath control. This tech is so cool!

I’ve installed the WIDI UHost wireless midi to use with the TEC Breath Controller and it works! well sort of…


  1. The wireless connection is not good; Consistently the notes are cut off and wrong notes are triggered. I’m assuming that this has something to do with how I’ve got the midi setup - I’ve included a screenshot of how I have it configured. I’m using MainStage as my DAW.

  2. The TEConrol MIDI Breath Controller app is unresponsive when I use the WIDI UHost. It works fine when the breath controller is attached directly into the computer.

Computer: I’m using a MacBook pro M1max
DAW: Mainstage

Hi Henk!

Lets start with the “easy” question first.

Yes, you are correct. You connect the BBC2 to the computer and make whatever changes to the appropriate settings you are interested in (in the interface software), and then click “Make permanent”. Those setting will then be stored in the unit itself when you use it in wireless mode.

With regard to the WIDI Uhost setup, did you use the iPhone app to configure your units?

The breath controller connection shouldn’t really trigger any notes or stuff like that. If you get to far away from the host it may loose connection, and you can get a stuck note perhaps, but nothing like what you describe here.

First, does your wireless audio work flawless? That is responsible for the audio sent to MIDI Guitar, and you can always try to play the instrument you are using with the Aftertouch for expression (instead of the breath controller) to double-check that you have a working setup. When you KNOW everything is working, then add the breath controller. But see to that you have the latest software update for the Uhosts via their app first.

It works now! it was the firmware update. It’s really great to have a wireless set up now. thank LoFiLeiF - I appreciate all your help on this.

BTW - In noticed on your recent video on Camelot Pro that you had a screen up for a few seconds towards the end of the video where the SWAM trumpet interfaces was up and you had a setting for a Miles Breath controller patch. I have not been that impressed with the default SWAM miles sound and was wondering if the Miles Breath controller patch was a patch that you made.

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Awesome! Yes, I also remember having to do the updates for the Uhosts to work!
About that Miles patch, I think I used their preset as a starting point, and just adjusted it to fit my MG2 input better. Then it is saved under user presets. There are a few things I always do with the AM instruments, such as turn off/down portamento and adjust expression curve and stuff. I have this long video on that somewhere:

That is of course for the woodwinds and the Brass came out earlier, but I haven’t felt any need for a special AM brass edition yet.

Great - I’ll check out this video. Your video on SWAM sax was so helpful - I’ve been learning a Ben Webster song Where are You and the G2M / SWAM sax is nailing it - now I just got to learn how to play it better. I’ll do a demo soon. Fun Fun!

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