Will MG3 have a 6 string Hex pickup mode out-of-the-box?

Hi there, completely new to MG and have become aware of using a Hex pickup for better tracking of separate strings, complex chords, 7ths etc.


  1. Will MG3 support separate string output of the Hex pickup within the app (when all 6 strings use the same sound)?

  2. Or will we still need to create separate tracks/instances within the DAW (which is cool for assigning different sounds to different strings)?

  3. Or does MG3 negate the need for this setup because it’s just better at tracking separate strings?

Sorry if that’s spelled out somewhere.

Cheers, Ben


I would like to know also about this feature.

MG has never been about string separation. Probably not going to change anytime soon.

posted 5 days ago:

i am prepared to be amazed, as i was when jam o first dropped a non-hex solution after 2 decades of roland telling us it wasn’t possible.

but, having this setup operational using mg2 i have to say - it’s like having a supermodel girlfriend, yes. but the joy is somewhat tempered because she is also super extra high maintenance.

as an example, my ableton live set for 6 strings includes more than 60 tracks for midi routing alone. figuring out why my new girlfriend is pouting can be very time consuming.


@kimyo Thanks for that, very interesting.

If MG3 could do the setup leg-work, then provide simple or complex output routing, it’d be very convenient as tracking individual strings definitely has advantages.

Anyway, excited to get my hands on MG3 no matter what.