Will MG3 have any AI stuff?

Just wondering, since there are plugins that are trained to take away clicks and hum, reverb etc. from recordings in real-time, or even separate songs into stems in real-time - wouldn’t it be possible to train an AI that certain sounds from the guitar are discarded right away as only noise not intended to trigger any pitch?

This way we would have less mistriggers or glitches because the AI ”hears” it and discards it right away so these non-pitch sounds are never translated into MIDI in the first place.

Likewise, one could train an AI to finally know which string and fret is triggered (in standard tuning to begin with) and by doing this the AI could also separate each string into 6 MIDI channels = hexaphonic output without any device at all. :wink:

I don’t know if MG3 will have any AI stuff, but the stuff above is already possible and would really help with certain things to make MG3 even better :slight_smile:


I think the best use of AI could be ‘forecast’ of the next set of notes you’ll play using music theory. Of course you can play ‘out’ of paths but it’s very unusual. (if it’s not already there in MG2)
AI and GenAI seems to have become the spicy sauce of every recipe nowadays.
I have been taking a look at Magenta Studio Project 2.0 latey and I had to open a bug on GitHub as it crashed Ableton Live 11.
I’d be happy to have MG3 improvements as shown in some LoFi’s videos. Ai is welcome but only if it does not break the magic or delays the release. My humble opinion…


the knowledge acquisition part of this particular AI endeavor is the challenge.

we don’t have a captive audience forced to provide training for free (ie: click on all fire hydrants or motorcycles).

how many midi guitarists would be required to train the AI? how would they instruct it? tell it ‘that was a glitch’ or ‘that should have been a C3’?

hum/click correction are relatively trivial in comparison, both are easy to define and detect. in fact, i kind of doubt that correcting either really requires true artificial intelligence.

rather than adding ai, i think jam origin would be better off marketing mg as ‘ai-free’ and instead adopt ‘magic inside’ as their slogan.


Sounds like something for MG4, we are waiting long enough for MG3 already to postpone it’s release even more by throwing in really big additional requests.