Windows 11 challenges

i’ve been experimenting with windows 11 on an hp envy laptop.

i did a fresh install and followed almost all of the instructions here:

this included disabling bitlocker and turning off file indexing.

aside from the fact that the pops and crackles weren’t improved by the switch to w11 from w10, today i was somewhat astonished to discover that both bitlocker and file indexing had somehow re-enabled themselves.

de-encrypting the 50gb or so of mostly wav files was a 3 hour process. who knows how much of a cpu hit encrypting them caused in the first place. i prefer to allocate precious cpu cycles to my daw. i prefer to have a choice in the matter.

my point: win11 production ready systems are more likely to remain so if they are disconnected from the internet.

secondly, if you really feel you must upgrade a win10 system, i suggest imaging the drive so that you can go back. personally, i’m going to pamper my win10 systems in order to extend their lives as much as possible.