WinXP VST not working

I use an WinXP PC, together with Cocos Reaper, which is absolulte stable and filled with all VST and all other stuff i will ever need just and only for composing and recording my music.

No internet, no office, no games. So, i did not plan to switch on win7 (which will also be obsolete in some years) and certainly not to win10 for … yeah for what ??? For consuming my processor power and grabbing my personal data ?

That was the reason i buyed your programm, after all for 99€ bucks, since you promise that it will run under WinXP. But it do it only in the standalone modus, wether reaper nor xonar and also not cubase is able to work with your vst dll’s.

I did not have to explain that this is not the deal we have done. It means, that you don’t fullfill your part of our contract and that your programm is quite useless for me, since i cant use it together with my DAW. In the standalone modus i would need another soundcard and a lot of other hazzle to make recordings possible together with my daw.

You know what, your competitor, MiGic, which even did not claim that their programm will work under WinXP, does it flawless, yes, the vst runs absolutely stable in reaper under WinXP.

I know what you will say, it is “only” monophonic, but hey, it cost just a third of your programm and it run’s under the OS you promise your programm will run, but did not.

So, do you have any solution for our problem ? And no, i WILL NOT switch to win7.


We have no support for WinXP, we support win 7 and up.
I can not find any data of your purchase and when you bought it, so I can not say much more about it.


it says in the faq for system requirements:
“Any non-ancient version of Windows (ie. Windows 7 and upward).” So who promised you that it would work with win XP?
If noone promised it, how come you want to get rid of your own responsibilty for YOUR decision to buy this program by blaming others?

Just some thoughts on your input…



This was due to a unfortunate concatenation of misinformation and misinterpretation.
You were right, i was wrong, i can only say pardon
best regards


Thanks, and sorry for your problem…