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Workaround for DAW Mixcraft users

I did not know Mixcraft is not compatible with MG2 as a plugin, that I finally realized in the DAW list page, when I tried to record MG2 (trial version) generated MIDI signal in Mixcraft’s virtual instrument track.

I dont want to learn another DAW. So I came up a workaround. I use two PCs, PC A and PC B. PC A runs MG2 and Steinberg UR242 for guitar input and MIDI output on UR242’s 5-pin MIDI output port. PC B runs Mixcraft and Stenberg UR44 to receive MIDI data from UR242 at the UR44 5-pin MIDI input port.

It works very well in terms of data flow. No observable latency in PC B’s Mixcraft monitor headphone on UR44, and I could record MIDI on the fly.

BUT BUT UR44 often receives INCORRECT MIDI data, for example different velocity (volume), extra sound, loss of sound. I suspect two possibilities:

(1) MG2’s MIDI output is not qualified. Please JAM origin validate your MIDI output.

(2) My cheap 5-pin MIDI cable induces noise. I have ordered a brand cable and will do one more trial. If it still have same problem, should I use MIDI to USB adapter like Yamaha UX-16? I dont know.


Felix Chen

Well, I bought a brand new D’Addario 5-pin MIDI cable to continue the workaround.

Summary: MG2 is VERY DIFFERENT between the live MIDI performance and the output MIDI data.

When I monitor the MG2 performance in UR242’s phone jack, the sound is clear and smooth. No matter how many times I repeat my guitar play, the sound is solid. This is very impressive.

On the other hand, when I monitor the output MIDI data in UR44’s phone jack with Mixcraft, the sound MIDI data is not consistent. I keep playing the same notes and MG2 always gives me unpredictable sound. Sometimes no sound, sometimes extra sound, sometimes low volume etc.

Well, unless MG3 fix the MIDI output function, I dont want it.

Felix Chen

Unfortunately thats one of Mixcraft`s downfalls. I have Presonus Studio Pro and mixcraft but never use Mixcraft anymore until they come up to speed. Its too complex getting Midi Guitar to work with it :frowning:


I dont think Mixcraft has anything wrong with the incorrect MIDI data that it receives via 5-pin MIDI cable. I DO believe JAM Origin needs to IMPROVE its MIDI conversion algorithm.
Why do I say so?

I decided to give Reaper DAW a trial, that I can use MG2 as a plugin. Its setup is pure software and quite simple. In Reaper, I can record the MIDI data generated by MG2 from my Guitar line input.

The result is, there are lots of “should not exist sounds in the MIDI data”, especailly when I do string slide, string vibrato, sting hammer that kinds of typical guitar playing. Besides, the vibrato sound is not well preserved. For the velocity correctness, it seems acceptable.

Reaper exported MIDI file is linked below.

In short, ask yourself, how much effort do you want to spend in post-edit of the generated MIDI in DAW?

I will wait for MG3 release to evaulate again.

Regards, Felix Chen