Working on Piano perfection :)

Here is my next effort - Asleep by the smiths. I find the Variax/helix ability to set volume per string really helps in getting cleaner midi.

Is anybody else striving for perfect piano midi? any tips?


I am also using a Variax/Helix combination to feed MG2. But I haven’t gotten deeply into using piano sounds yet nor using advanced finger picking with it. Using it mostly for chords to fill in synth sounds where needed. Are you using the built in Piano with MG2 or a 3rd party app?

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Hey there, I use the pianos from sampletank, although I do find the built in acoustic piano pretty good also. Im experimenting a lot with synths too as well as orchestral. the possibilities are endless I guess :slight_smile: I think it definitely heelps with my finger picking as Im forced to play really clean, not my usual sloppy self :smiley: but with the Varix a can mute individual strings also which helps a lot in some situations.

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