Would MIDI GUITAR 2 work with a 10 string classical guitar?

Hi ! I wonder if Midi guitar 2 would work with a 10 string classical guitar. ( where the extra 4 strings are D C, B, A one octave below the standard guitar strings)



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Hi @ArielAr
The MIDI Guitar 2 software, as it is today, will NOT work with a 10 string guitar. I have tried a setup with MIDI bass in tandem (working together with)MIDI Guitar 2, for the lower register on my 8-string and just barely got a result out of it. It is nothing I would recomennd for a setup you can trust to get consistent result out of. MIDI Guitar 3 will however track extend range guitars to a greater extent. How much, though, I am not sure of right now? It is very much “under development” as we speak, so it would be remiss of me to say anything at this point.

But no, MG2 will most likely not give you any satifactory results with a 10 string at this point I am afraid!

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Thanks for this information. I also play an extended-range guitar, 10-string, so I look forward to MIDI Guitar 3 for this functionality.

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I was using the midigtr/bass combined plug-ins in Mainstage with passing results on my 8-string classical. (Of course the midibass will only track one pitch at a time). But when that laptop died I switched using an iPad for signal processing; so now I’m stuck, live the rest of you, not going below a D–which is what my 7th string is tuned to. But I enjoy using a split point anyway, so that only a portion of my guitar range is doubled by a synth with the rest being unadulterated.