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XLR microphone into Zoom H5 as signal source for MG2?

Would the line-out of the Zoom H5 work with MG2 ?

thanks, Bill

Hello Bill, welcome in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Even if using a guitar as the signal source is the best, using the H5 will works fine, provided that the output level of the H5 and the input level of the audio interface are adjusted to avoid signal saturation.

Thank you ! I’m kind of adrift in too much information here :slight_smile:

The H5 has two combination XLR/Phono inputs, and two microphones … I assume the Shure SM-57 is a better mic …:

It is not clear to me, yet, if the output of the internal Shadow pick-up system (not Midi) in my classical guitar can go directly into the H5 … I assume it cannot for the usual (signal “balance”) issue.

In the future, if I find I can use MG2 for recording musical ideas (not songs) at slow tempos satisfactorily, I will, after buying MG2, be willing to purchase a dedicated interface … if that would make a difference in … whatever.

Another possible issue: my understanding right now is that MG2 can work with a very limited set of alternate tunings. If I play in a tuning not in that set, would it be possible to change the recorded midi file to reflect the altered tuning: right now, I doubt this is possible.

curiously, Bill

Not sure, but I think that using either your shadow mic or a sm57 through the H5 is possible. This is done with the function Multi File (to verify).

You will then need to use the usb interface ot the H5 but you first have to install ASIO drivers dedicated to separated outputs management. You can find it here:
H5 Multi-Track ASIO Driver

Then you will be able to send separate mono H5 output to MG2 (as far as I understand it).

Regardless of this, pay attention to the problems mentioned in this recent post about acoustic guitars:
About Playing acoustic guitar with MG2

Regarding tuning, there are presets but each string can also be tuned separately and saved in a patch.


However, if this is not possible, different notes transform functions exist in midi applications to transpose selected notes globally but this could transform notes that should not be transposed.
So it would be necessary to manually select the notes to be transposed, which can be very tiring.