Zoom R16 Multitrack as audio interface

I have a Zoom R16 multitrack recorder. I’m going to see if MIDI Guitar 2 recognizes it as an audio interface.

If anyone has any input regarding the above, please let me know. After I try it, I’ll surely let y’all know.

Thanks much,

Bill Bores

The R16 works as an audio interface for MIDI Guitar 2

I updated the Windows drivers for the Zoom R16 as well as updating to R16 code.

I connected the guitar to the R16, R16 to the laptop running MIDI Guitar 2, and for controlling an external MIDI keyboard, a USB to MIDI interface to the Yamaha reface YC.

The installation and setup / configuration of everything was about 30 minutes.

Just got home and read your message - great to hear you’re up and running. :sunglasses:

I have an R8 and… a Mac with which all my (3) interfaces have so far being easily identified & selected.

FWIW my main audio interface input for guitar (and violin) is a now a Mighty Plug Pro + 2m usb-c cable. :partying_face: