Ableton 11.2 Crash

I am having problems with Ableton 11.2 crashing when loading a template with Midi Guitar 2 on a track. Had no problems with 11.1.

Ok, is that the only thing on that template, or track? I use MG2 on an audio track as my startup template with no issues on Abelton 11.2 (Mac OS 12.5.1)

I’m on Windows. Opening a project with MG2 in a track after it has already started also causes a crash. I have a half dozen plugins loaded on different tracks, but removing Midi Guitar 2 stops it from crashing. I’ve sent the crash reports to Ableton.

Ok, I’ve had Abelton dive a couple of times on me in 11.2 but nothing I could trace back to MG2 with any certainty. What happens if you open MG2 on a track in a new project, save it (as a template), and try open it?

I think I’ve tracked down what is causing the crash. It has to do with the Legato/No Added Sustain option. When that is switched on, it crashes. When it is not, it opens fine.

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Ok, that is one of those function I never use since it has messed with bends (which I always use), so I wouldn’t have been able to figure that out even how much I would have tried. Good work! :+1:

I spoke too soon. Went back and tried it and it is again crashing. I’ve resorted to using Midi Guitar 2 in standalone mode with loopmidi. I’ll try more troubleshooting later, but I need to give it a rest for a while. I’ll go back to Ableton 11.1 to see if that fixes the problem. It seems that many people are reporting crashes with 11.2.

Ok! Sorry to hear. Let’s see if anyone else in here with PC and Abelton 11.2 can confirm this issue as in a relation to MG2?

Went back to 11.1.6. Everything works fine now.

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I had this too after upgrading to LIve 1.2.

Windows 10.

MG2 was in my default template so it took a while to trackit down to MG2.

I have discovered that the crash only happens for projects created with 11.1x containing MG2.

If you create a blank project (hold shift while selecting New Project) you can then open the affected projects, delete the track with MG2), read it, then save, it will open connectly after that.

However I have quite a few work in progress projects affected, so if there is a better fix I am interested in hearing about it.


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I meant re-add not read, sorry.

Same here, discovered it last night, Ableton 11.2, Windows 10, Midi Guitar 2.2.1
Happens to projects that were created with previous Ableton versions.
When opening a project that was created in Ableton 11.2 it doesn’t crash.
This is one of the main and most important plugins I use.
Is there an updated/fixed version?

It would seem to be something that Abelton did in their 11.2 update? In that case, did you send in a crash report, and if so, what did they say?

Same issue with Live 11.2 (windows 10) and MG or MB.
My template had many plugins and it took a long time to get to the source of the problem.
Without MidiBass all was ok.

Today I created a project using only MG and a Midi track using the MG audio track as source and I have been able to replicate the problem. Getting rid of MG, all is OK.

I sent numerous crash report to Ableton without knowing why Live would crash hard when recalling a template that worked ok under 11.1.6.

Following their advice I review all plugins to be surre they were up to date. Same with audio and midi driver. Next I reloaded each pluging, saving and recalling the project. For sure Midi Bass was causing the crash. Then working with Midi Guitar, I reproduce the problem.

If I load MG with the defaul preset. I am able to recall the project.
If I introduce the pitch bend, it will not be recalled. I get a hard crash in Live.

I also had a hard crash in Live while I was recalling a preset in MG. Cannot say if it’s related but this preset had pitch bend enable as well as transposer.

I am following up with Ableton reporting the latest, but I think an MG update would need to be looked at.

I installed Live 11.2.5 but the issue is still there.
To reproduce the crash jut load an instance of Midi Guitar.
Change Pitch Bend to: Default 2 ( any value would do the same)
Save the project. When recalling the project I get a solid crash in Live.

I would like to add that this is not related to pitch bend only.
I loaded the default preset in MG and slighly change the noise gate level. Saved the Live project. Loading the project would also crash Live.

If I only add a Midi effect like transposer and save the project. It will recall properly. But if I change the Pitch bend or the noise gate… crash on recall.

Hello support,
Have you been able to replicate the problem ?
Is there another way to contact support for trouble shooting and validation ?
This is quite a show stopper for me.
Planning to go back to Live 11.1.6
Crash Log have been sent to Ableton.

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Hi @Strudl
JamOrigin is aware of this and is talking to Abelton about this, but I would not rely on it being a quick fix. If the Abelton/MIDI Guitar2 combination is really important to you, as it is for many of us, perhaps you do best in going back to 11 like you suggest? I understand that there are a few who already chose that route. But a line of communication with Abelton is opened, and let’s see where that leads?

The workaround is to save your Ableton 11.2.5 set with the Midi Guitar 2 default settings, since any change to the default causes a crash. Once your set loads, choose your saved patch in Midi Guitar 2 and you are good to go.

U sure? What about opening “old” projects? I have had no problems with opening my default template with MIDI Guitar on it, changing and saving stuff. But my problems start when I open any problem saved on the same computer that is ctrated with an earlier version of Abelton. 11.1.6 for instance. I do not run into the same kind of problem if I import a project from another computer (created in 11.1.6). But, then again, I am on a Mac.