Access to clock/time in MIDI Machine

I would like to write a MIDI machine that clips out very short notes (noise from my guitar that gets past the Noise Gate functionality, eg: when I lift my finger off a string/fret).

How do I go about this?

I am comfortable with programming and can learn Lua. I noticed that the API is minimal and does not expose a clock (so that I can read and store time in order to reason about note duration).

Here is a Lengthfilter script I have allready made, you can alter it for your needs.
Inside is a trick to calculate ms_per_frame, inside the framehandler the length of a sounding note is known. these 2 things are combined to get a delayed start. Ofcourse
the start delay is quantised per ms_per_frame

Download the lua script to the “MIDIMachines” folder inside MG data dir
(folder location: see via our preferences / midi guitar data folder )

Length filter.lua (1.6 KB)

Is there a collection of prewritten scripts anywhere… for us … the they that are un-learnt…

tutorials on the basics of writing for this specific app?

…i may be asking how to in a proverbial deep end with no floaties or nose pinch-ee thing…but i would love to get learnt …

which i mentioned in a reply in the wrong category … proving my genius

well, the collection of prewritten scripts is here, in “MIDI Machines” on this forum.
Writing your own midi machines is not for everyone: if you like to program or like to start with it you can install the demo script and start hacking it:

About the midi machine scripts and how to install them: