Adding Instruments to MIDI Guitar 2 Library

I have purchased a license for Midi Guitar 2, which originally comes with only 5 instruments in its library. I have clicked on the link to add instruments and have downloaded the 2 zip files, and have unzipped them within the same folder. I cannot figure out how to add them to the Midi Guitar library. Can someone please provide some guidance?

Hello Michael,

You need to let MG2 know where all your VST’s are located on your drive system.

  1. Press the “Plugin” button:

  2. Run a full scan / or add plugin folders manually:

Hi Dutti67

Thanks for the guidance! I will follow the steps and revert if I have any issues. Cheers!

Hi Michael

I don’t use Windows but there is a section in the link below which has info on installing plugins which might be helpful: MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass Support – Jam Origin

Btw I rarely use MG2 as a plugin host… mostly for converting guitar audio to midi. All my plugins are in my DAW or something like GigPerformer/Element etc.

If you give a little more detail on how you plan to use MG2 I’m sure someone can chime in with tips.

Also there are many free vst instruments to get you started.
From Orchestra
to almost anything Free VST Plugins (2024 Update) - Bedroom Producers Blog


Hi Samsarin

I think I am getting closer to loading in the VSTs, but no cigar yet!

After I have unzipped the zipped folders, I now see other subfolders in each. I placed the unzipped subfolders in the same VST location as the already existing VSTs in MG2. I ran the scan, but no luck.

In both of the unzipped files, I see folders within folders. Do I need to drill down in the subfolders to extract the VST files? Not sure what to do….after a half hour of trying this and that, I figured I would revert back looking for some more guidance.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Michael

Unfortunately any Windows experience I might have had 20+ years ago has withered to nothing .

To get good help/advice it is probably best to describe:

  • what version of Windows you are using?
  • how you are inputting your guitar signal into the computer?
  • are you getting sound out of the builtin MG2 synths?

If you share a link to the zip file(s) you are using - I can check to see what is happening with the subfolder paths.

Hi Samsarin

I am using Windows 11. My guitar is being connected to my audio interface (Toneport UX1) and I am able to play the MG2 instruments that are built in into the free demo version.

I am sure you can see that the unzipped folders having subfolders within them. Any suggestions to add them to MG2 would be appreciated.


If MG2 instruments are working that leaves leaves your zip file as the likely problem.

Which is why I suggested - it is free and has an app which will install the plugin(s) to the correct folder.

Afterwards if you follow Dutti67’s advice (above) the new instruments should be available to use.

This is probably the easiest way to determine if your zip file is at fault.


BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover Manual

is this the link you’re referring to?

if so, which instrument? if not, what is the link you used to obtain the zip files?

many instruments require an install process before they can be used.

I downloaded the 2 zip files from Virtual Playing Orchestra – Virtual Playing

Please advise how to sort out the process of what to do once these zip files have been unzipped.

Thanks for the quick response to my query.


i may be wrong, but i don’t think mg2 can natively load and play sfz files.

the first order of business is to load an sfz player. this one is free:

once that is installed, scan again in mg2.

then i believe the easiest way to load your instruments would be to drag and drop them onto the sforzando player.

if still no joy, @samsarin’s rec (the bbc symphony orch) will give you orchestral instruments in mg2, it’s worth a try and will verify that this issue is confined to the virtual playing orchestra files.

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Let’s give it another try, as I think we’ve overlooked one step:

1/ Start by opening the “Manage Plugins” window, then click on “PLUGIN FOLDERS”, then in the window that opens click on “ADD FOLDER” and add a first folder containing plugins (sub-folders will be automatically detected).

Repeat this operation for all folders containing plugins, then click on “SAVE” when finished.

2/ Then click on SCAN (SAFE) to detect plugins in previously saved folders.

3/ When completed, close the “Manage Plugins” window and click in the “INSTRUMENT”, “FX”, etc. fields: your plugins will appear as below:



  • 32bit plugins are only recognized in the 32bit version of Midi Guitar, same for 64bit versions.
  • some plugins may not be accepted for various reasons, which are displayed during the plugin detection operation explained in 2/.
  • if you wish to use undetected plugins, try using the “SCAN (UNSAFE)” parameter at your own risk, as the plugin may crash Midi Guitar.
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Thanks Herold. I appreciate your feedback.

I have followed your steps……created the VstPlugins folder….added the 2 folders from the unzipped files that I downloaded……and then tried to scan. Once again, no VSTs were detected. :disappointed_relieved: Again, I am stumped.

the instruments you are trying to install require a player.

you cannot use them without first installing one. i linked a free one above.

that link came from the download page you posted. it is their recommended player for their sfz files. there are other options.

in any case, you will never see these instruments, because they are not vst instruments. that is your problem.

if you want to use them, you MUST install a player first.

Hey Kimyo

Thanks for your comment about adding the player. I did add the player and then repeated the scan, and still no luck when scanning. If there are no VSTs then the scan has nothing to detect. Then how do these instruments get added to the MG2 library? I appreciate your input in solving this ongoing mystery. :slightly_smiling_face:

You must not (can not) add the instruments but the player. I also read in the manual that it can be loaded in Kontakt as well. You can also get a free version of the NI Kontakt player (install it) and load it in MG2.

Okay, I have added the free player you suggested. I also have Kontact installed with some instruments that I purchased. So how do I access the instruments in the 2 zip files that I downloaded? Any advice you can provide will be appreciated.

Do a “Scan One File” and navigate to this folder and you will have it in the MG2 VST list:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\BBC Symphony Orchestra (64 Bit).vst3\Contents\x86_64-win

This requires that you have the “Spitfire Audio Engine” installed and the BBC Symphonic Orchestra downloaded.

the instruments in your 2 zip files are in SFZ format.

it is very important for the purposes of this discussion to distinguish between SFZ instruments and VST instruments.

mg2 supports VST instruments directly.

it does not offer support for SFZ instruments. however, there are VST players which will allow mg2 to play SFZ instruments.

assuming it has been installed and scanned successfully, look in mg2’s library for the SFORZANDO player, not for the orchestral instruments.

it it inside the SFORZANDO player that you will load those instruments from your zip files. according to the faq, this can be done by drag and drop.

again, SFZ instruments (your zip files) are not VST instruments.

the instruments CANNOT be added to the MG2 library, because they are not VST instruments. however, the SFZ player you choose to install (which itself is a VST instrument) will always appear in the library.

your zip files will be accessible within that player.

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