Another quick test

Here is a quick test—please excuse the weird flangery mixdown, that’s entirely the fault of OBS. Hopefully it provides some clarity about just how well it tracks and what the new modulators can do for dynamics.


It might also make sense to give some insight as to what is happening. I am using the pressure modulator to control the dynamics in the sax virtual instrument (this is “Alto Sax 1” patch in Logic Pro X Studio Horns). The “Wobble” modulator is sent to the key click control on the same instrument, to add some randomness to it all.

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Beautiful - modulation put to good use!

I think the new MIDI OUTPUT addressed the second point in your first video post?
So it feel similar now, to play a Logic instrument, as an instrument hosted inside MG3?

Exactly, this allows the user to leverage all the flexibility of the modulators to control external instruments hosted within a daw. Note that I am not using the MIDI Guitar 3 as a plugin, but rather as a standalone version.

Having now sorted out the issue with OBS, this should sound a little better and show the level of dynamics and expression that can be achieved. In my experience, none of the hardware solutions comes close.


Thank you so much. This is great feedback. I’ll do all I can to get MB2 out to you for the lows.

I wonder - do you feel any difference when playing the same instrument via MIDI OUT to Logic vs hosting it in MG3 standalone?

Ha, thanks! Overall, it feels roughly the same with Surge. I am not able to experiment with Logic instruments hosting them within MG3 because those instruments cannot work outside of Logic, but if you have a specific third-party VST in mind, I can try and experiment with it.

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