Ask for Tuner enhancement

As discussed with Ole some time ago, one very important point is about the tuner: unless being very close to the screen, it is pretty hard to tune the guitar. In concert, having your nose glued to the screen between songs is not classy! Unfortunately, I encounter this problem with my guitar going out of tune easily.

Ole suggested changing tuner’s color when the string is well-tuned: this should both be efficient and perhaps easier to implement. I’m already dreaming of it !


yes, it is noted: it is too small now.

Thanks for your quick reply, Paul.
Even if bigger, it would not solve the problem because when playing live, several apps are opened, MG2 occupies only a quarter of the screen (laptop 14"), all of this with spotlights in my face !
To reiterate, as Ole suggested, changing the tuner’s colour or tuner’s background colour when well-tuned would be undoubtedly the most effective solution, regardless of the size. And especially as we poor guitarists are used to tuners with changing colours… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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