Feature request - Tuner realtime MIDI output

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I too am having issues with the tuner being hard to see in a live setting. I dont want to have to keep walking over to/looking at a screen. I have a feature request that I think will offer one solution.

Is it possible for MIDI Guitars built in tuner, when activated, to send out a realtime stream of MIDI data of both the current note and how many cents sharp or flat that note is? Because then I can send that MIDI to my modded FCB1010’s LED display, and show the note Im tuning, as well as if its sharp or flat, so I dont ever have to look at my screen.

Im not sure the exact format the MIDI data should be in, but I am using Reaper and writing a custom JSFX plugin to parse the MIDI stream and send it to the FCB1010 would be a cinch, as long as it contained both the current note, and how sharp/flat it is.

I hope this request makes sense. Thanks

Allthough technically a nice idea, the forwarding of the tuning info is not a proper solution. If the tuner is not readable enough, we need to improve that, instead of relying on people’s ingenuity to display it somewhere else…
It is on the list.

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Thanks for the response @Paul, and I agree the forwarding of MIDI data is not a general solution. I still hope you guys will consider making the forwarding though :wink:

Well…MG allready does the forwarding actually:
if you make a patch without sound, with bends switched on, you allready have a perfect tuning forwarding machine. Any other format for output would be none-midi standard.


For my part, I use for some time MG2 as a plugin into a vst host (Gig Performer).
So I use Gig Performer’s tuner which opens full screen, with background color changing when well tuned, and I can look at it from far.

Thats a really good idea - if I just use the pitch bend midi data combined with the note on/off, I can parse that with JSFX and send it to my FCB1010. Thanks :slight_smile:

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