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Basic samler for triggering clips live


So, I’ve been using MG2 for some time now and find it covers almost all of the bases I need it to. However, I have been going mad trying to figure out something for my band’s live gigs which shouldn’t be so terribly difficult.

What I am trying to accomplish is to play a backing track in wav form when I hit a certain note, while the guitar’s signal comes through, and be able to keep strumming the same chord without retriggering the sample every time. As it stands, I am attempting to use a sampler such as TX16Wx, which works to trigger the sample at the pitch I would like, but it retriggers a 4 bar sample every time I strum the rest of the rhythm, resulting in a sort of “remix” type sound instead of simply playing the 4 bar wav. Is anyone aware of a different sampler software that can accomplish this task, or perhaps a MIDI machine? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The following midi machine can be focused on a range or a single note, the output can be assigned to a specific midi channel and midi note. The original midi can be switched off, so that only the triggered note is used. You can also use the sampler on a separate midi channel and have just synth sounds on all other notes, depending on your synth config


Paul, thank you for the advice. However, even with the Range to One Note MIDI machine, I continue to have the same problem with the sample retriggering every time I hit the same note. I would like the wav to play for 4 bars while I continue to strum the same chord for 8, and then retrigger the wav at the beginning of the next 8 bars.


looping the sample should be done in the sampler.
the timing of the sample played makes it impossible to make an easy midi machine to do it all on our side. It can only be done if you use a dedicated note or range that is only used for the triggering of the sample.