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Both at home or on stage, I use only a Lenovo Thinkpad + Steinberg UR22 and a Digitech Jamman Stereo.

Since it is linked directly to a mixer through DI boxes, I add in MG2 guitar section an amp and a cabinet + a 80Hz low-cut filter .

MG2 is trigged - through an USB Audiofront Midi Expression Quattro - by 2 standard expression or volume pedals (for instrument, guitar or mix gains and several plugins parameters) and 2 dual footswitches (for up/down patch changes, various commands such as sustain, rotary speed…).

About MG2, one may say that I am particularly addicted to Deep Expressor !


However, It lacks an important option for me about the poly tuner: unless being very close to the screen, it is pretty hard to tune the guitar. In concert, having your nose glued to the screen between songs is not classy! Unfortunately, I encounter this problem with my guitar going out of tune easily.
Maybe the background could be green/red depending on whether it is in tune: that would be the best solution for me and rather easy to implement (I guess).
In any case, a comfortable visibility is essential in concert… And MG2 deserve such an improvement.

(Remember, Ole, you know what I’m talking about) :grin:


I have composed all the pieces below for the following artists and we play them live.

  • with french poet Jean Azarel performing his own works:


  • with french poet James Fontaine, covering great poets:


Thank you for the thoughtful post and links.
I’ll put the Polytuner sizing on todo list!


Thank you for your reply. I just want to point out that tuner’s background colour changing would be more efficient than resizing.
Even if colour change occurs only when tuned, it is very easier to distinguish it from distance than an image that cannot exceed a quarter of my 13" laptop screen (because of others on-screen apps) …