Bend and legato not at the same time?

When I use both simultaneously only one works, is that normal?
Example: First I activate bend range to 2 I play and it works 2 I activate legato and then bend stops working.
I think both simultaneously works in IOS

I found the same thing in Cubase 10. You have to have only one actively using MIDI Guitar2 at a time. So I have to deselect the other and so on… That’s what I’m working on too.

Not only in Cubase, in Cantabile is the same.
Dont think is a host problem but a MG one.

it is not specifically a MG problem, but more a general one:
Synths can not legato connect bend notes: there is only 1 general bend per channel.
If the note is bend up, it can not be connected to the next note, since that higher note also is ruled by the same bend parameter: the frequencies can not connect.
Circumventing that is rather complicated, it is on my todo, but uncertain how well it is patchable.

Not sure if I understand you.
Im not trying to do bend and legato simultaneously i want to use both alternatively while im playing, the problem is that when both functions are active bends does not work at all, so I think its not a synth problem.
Tried to monitor the midi input of the synth while both active: it receives pitch bend, but all the events are with the same data, so no pitch bend sound at all. If I activate only the pitch bend function in MG, then the midi monitor shows pitch bend with variable data and the corresponding bend notes sound.

If you play alternatively bend and legato, there must be some logic to distinguish between them, because at the moment the legato is invoked there can not be an active bend, the synth would play false notes.
Legato now cancels the bends to avoid those wrong notes.
Like said: I’ll try to make a add-legato-to.bend script, but succes isnt guaranteed 100%. Obvious problem: When a note is made longer for legato, during the length of this connection zone bends must be prohibited to avoid quirks. This however will deteriorate the bends… Both methods are at war with one another, and negotiating this is difficult.

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As I said previously on IOS there is not that problem, I have both functions active and when I do pitch bends it works and when doing legato it works also, not simultaneously but alternatively.

I doubt that. As far as I know we didnt change anything there. You might have used an auto-legato synth on iOS.

I have played a lot of synthesizers, I do not remember a unit where I could not play a legato phrase and then a note with pitch bend.

So If you want you can do the test by activating both functions in MidiGuitar: in IOS the pitch bend still works and in PC pitch bend does not work at all (just like when its off), as simple as that.

Yes, surely you can play bend and legato on a synth.

But lets try to break it down. In tems of MIDI, legato just means that note-off messages are delayed until after the next note-on message. This way, the synth can know which note to transition to, before turning of a note.

Lets play two notes, first C and then D, and while we play C we bend up two semitones:

  • On a midi keyboard with a pitch wheel for bending we get:
    Play C and bend-wheel up to D, and then when hitting D the bend wheel will legato up to E.

  • That wouldnt work on a guitar, we wouldn’t expect any E note when playing C, bending and then D.
    Play C and bend up to D, and then when hitting D we need to first bend down to 0 (otherwise we’d get an E) and then legato up to D?

I’m sorry if I’m not getting to understand the problem I pose and at no time I intend to create a pointless controversy.
Of course the behavior of a keyboard is different from that of a guitar, that’s why it’s such a good idea to implement the legato function.
At no time I am requesting that MG can execute “simultaneously” a legato and a pitch bend, it is about using them sequentially.
The problem that I raise is that in the desktop version of MG when both functions are activated the pitch bend no longer works at all even playing a single note. However, in the IOS version, the pitch bend is still working despite the fact that the legato function is also active.
I would appreciate if you can check the different behavior of both versions of MG (PC and IOS) and if it is possible that the PC version had the same behavior of the IOS version.
Thank you.

Sorry, my comment was more for Paul.

Sure, we need to have same behaviour on iOS and desktop. We just need to define which behaviour exactly, and find out if there are any edge cases or pitfalls. Once we know, its easy to implement. Ill think more about this after finishing the AU hosting, but all opinions are welcomed.

If you ask me I prefer much more the IOS behaviour, because there, although both functions are active, the pitch bend still works!