Boss SY pedals

Hi Ole. So, not as a way of critique, but MG3 doesn’t appear about to happen in the near future. However, many of the features are whispered to be ready, so I was thinking: is there a way to create a new, non-MIDI, guitar synth like the Boss SY pedals or even the Empress Effects Zoia? This could be a separate app or even VST-only product. It wouldn’t need MPE, just polyphonic pitch-to-synth sound. I guess the sounds on a pedal like the SY-100 are basically the guitar sounds altered through DSP. I don’t need realistic piano or sax sounds, more like analog-sounding synth sounds to mix with my guitar. I would gladly pay for this separate plugin. I believe it would be very popular if it doesn’t have the tracking issues that are common to all guitar-to-MIDI devices (yours does better than any I have tested).

  1. it is Boss (Roland) that makes the SY series. there is a SY300, 100, 200 and a 1000. all direct synths. the SY 1000 has midi out and hex processing. The GM800 is a pure midi synth with the new serial hex connector.
  2. On ios you can grab PD Space Guitar for direct synthy effects on guitar (disclaimer: I produced that app)
  3. Non-midi synths are not that popular, because after the initial “hey cool, this synth is very playable and fast!”, often people want just the MIDI to get all sounds possible with the millions of synths available.
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basically the guitar sounds altered through DSP

what you’re asking for is a completely new feature.

what mg2 excels at is note detection, and little or none of that technology would apply to treating a guitar signal with dsp to create synth sounds.

however, what you want: ‘to mix analog synth + guitar’ is easily achievable with mg2.

blending guitar and synth sounds is its forte.

the approach is different but the result can be very similar to the sy-100/300. plus you have thousands of patch options instead of a hundred or so.

We live in different universes. For me, MG2 is not the answer since I play mainly slide guitar. Non-MPE software does not cut it, that’s why I have been waiting for MG3.

You’re right with the Boss-Korg mixup. My bad. It’s interesting that you made such a plugin for ios. Couldn’t you adapt it to Windows? I’d definitely buy it! I have to say, in my circle non-MIDI synth pedals are very popular. Lots of people are done with heavy metal distortion, the guitar is ready to break out of its niche.

please explain why an mpe-capable product will work better with slide guitar.

i don’t think you’ll actually experience any benefit.

re: paul’s space guitar - i’ve likewise asked for a windows version, but paul has indicated that he has no immediate plans to make that happen.

Well I know it has advantages; I played on a Jamstik MIDI guitar and it works. With MPE every string has its own pitch shift. Even though it still works with note numbers, in a way it just translates frequency to the selected synth sound. This means that you can slide all six strings at the same time, or just a couple of strings while you thumb pick the open bass strings, and it all translates nicely to 6 separate notes with 6 separate pitch bends. That is the beauty of MPE, and the reason why I’ve been eager to see MG3 arrive.

Using a slide or a fretless guitar with MG3 and any MPE-ready software instruments will of course enable you to do stuff you couldn’t with MG2. Every played note gets its personal bends treatment and all uniquely guitaristic gestures are getting translated into the MIDI language now. It is actually a BIG difference.


Interesting! If you have a Jamstik, and it works for MPE, why not use that to create the sounds you are looking to create with the SY-pedals? And as I have seen no good video on the actual MPE capabilities of the Jamstik, do you have some video or something somewhere? I would love to see it in action. :+1:

like OP said " but MG3 doesn’t appear about to happen in the near future. "
So there is no MG3 yet and if you want that kind of stuff, it isn’t there (yet)
There will also allways remain a difference between direct synths and MPE synths. An MPE converter has to try to focus harder on the roots of the notes, it has max 15 channels (each channel 1 note) to work with plus a non.trivial legato tracking.

Ok, I was speaking from my experience with MG3. My bad!

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I don’t HAVE a Jamstik, I played on it. There’s a YouTube video with some slideplaying on the Jamstik: . When I tried it, the tracking was fine and I could play slide on some strings while simultaneously playing other strings in open tuning. Worked fine. Nowadays I use a lot of effects like NI Reaktor, Arturia Efx Motions, Devious Machines Infiltrator, Outlook Portal, LMDSP Superchord. It will take me close to the sounds I’m looking for, but some analog synth sounds to add to it would be nice.

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Well, it worked fine for me on the Jamstik. The reason why I would prefer a software solution like MIDI Guitar is because I can use several guitars with different sounds, even acoustic guitars.

Thanks for that link! I have such problems with all Jamstiks videos though, as they really don’t show what it really is like to play their product. It is short snippets of very safe angled takes. and I am hoping for those real user videos that show me what it is REALLY like you know. (This is not a Jamstik-specific complaint., by the way)
I love the Arturia stuff too, and Infiltrator and Portal are really cool to add to any mix. For Analog sounds: have you looked at u-He Diva? Gforce have also just released OB-x which have polyphonic bends (for when MG3 i being released :grinning:) and sounds awesome.

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