Can I control MG2 input channels with a Midi Foot Pedal?

My stuff: Behringer FCB1010 Foot Pedal <-> Midi cables <-> Behringer XR18 mixer <-> Win 11 PC

I need to switch input channels IN MG2 between 6 and 7 (different guitars in XR18) via Midi commands from the Midi Foot Pedal.
Is this possible?


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I don’t have a XR18 mixer or Windows 11 (Windows 10) but I do have a Behringer FCB1010 and tested out a similar result/idea within REAPER (which is a digital audio workstation) with a MOTU M4 audio interface (That Behringer XR18 looks great btw).

I was able to toggle a mute button with one of the switch buttons on the Behringer FCB1010 as sort of a workaround for your idea (which might be possible also, I just wasn’t sure how. Maybe someone else will come along with more knowledge) within REAPER. So, you could assign one switch to toggling mute on one guitar channel theoretically then another switch to toggling mute on a second channel. Let me know if you want me to attempt to outline some steps to help you make it work!

Thank you Bolt but my need is to change the audio input channel in MG2.
I can’t find out how to do it?


it is not possible to remotely change audiochannels in MG2. those settings are on system level, not on preset.

You don’t give any details on the configuration used to connect your devices (use with a DAW, a host plugin, etc).
An alternative is to proceed as indicated by @Bolt but use 2 instances of MG with one on channel in 6 and the other on channel in 7 and switch either one or the other with your midi controller.

Thanks both Paul and Herold

@Paul: Is it not possible even with a script?
If not, is it possible in a future release of MG2 or in MG3?

@Herold: I use MG to play Midi instruments in my DAW, Pro Tools (via LoopMidi SW in my PC).
I tried 2 MG instances, with different input audio channels and different Midi output channels.
The setup is ok in MG, and I can see the Midi events going to Pro Tools on different channels.
But I still have to solve two problems:

  1. MG is not saving this setup with settings for two instances, or can you?
    When starting MG, only one instance is started.
    I can of course manually start another one again and configure it, but in a live stage situation it is less OK to fiddle with to much manual settings.

  2. I am struggling to get Pro tools to accept my FCB1010 foot controller for controlling the tracks.
    It has 5 predefined type of controllers but none is accepting my FCB1010.
    Any experience?


Does this mean that you are using the standalone version of MG?
To use 2 instances of MG launched automatically and with the settings of each saved, you need to use the plugin version of MG, not the standalone version.

I play live with my plugin host dedicated to the stage (Gig Performer) in which several MG instances with different settings are recalled without any problems.

I do not use FCB1010 nor Pro Tools, I can not help you on this subject.

In regards to number 2, while I don’t have any Pro tools experience, I’d try looking for a ‘midi learn’ function or equivalent on one of the tracks in Pro tools with the plugin version. If you do have a ‘midi learn’ function of some sort, you would probably need to click on the parameter you want to control within the track or MG2 and then hit one of the buttons to use then save the setting then repeat the process on a second FCB1010 button for a different channel etc.
You also might consider attempting to control the track/MG2 via a different MIDI controller to see if its just the FCB1010 specifically giving you issues, though I do know there are some modifications out there that exist for FCB1010 that could also help.
While I haven’t watched this full video, I think this might give you some ideas. There also looks to be at least some info on Pro Tools setup, starting around 23 minutes in. Behringer FCB1010 Full Tutorial / Video Manual - YouTube
There also looks to be some good FCB1010 info in this thread (not regarding Pro Tools specifically) Mg2 not recognising Behringer FCB1010 - #19 by hermybear2002
And here’s another related thread Want to know if anyone has used the Behringer MIDI Foot Controller FCB1010 with MG2 - #13 by GJNichol

@Herold: Maybe I can use a VST host like Gig Performer or Cantabile to host my plugins.
I will try it out.
@Bolt: Yes there is a Midi Learn function for the instruments.
But I am not trying to control the instruments in PT, rather PT itself turning Record on/off
The FCB1010 is working perfectly, I can see the Midi events leaving it.
FYI, there is a new FW called UnO2 for the FCB1010 where you can send as many CCs to different channels as you want with one pedal stomp.
I engaged PT support but no answer yet.

If you are considering using a plugin host, between Cantabile and Gig performer I would strongly recommend Gig performer which is really made for and by musicians and is extremely stable and optimised for minimum latency. And the user community is very responsive.

But you should check if a plugin host meets your needs by first trying Element which has the advantage of being open source and free.

Hi Tommy,

The short answer is Yes. I’ve used the FCB1010 for at least 15 year and recently added an iRig bluetooth BlueBoard. I could control Ableton in track view as well as their Rack system with the FCB1010. That’s both faders and encoders with the 12 foot switches excluding the 2 pedals. The only way that the above is possible is thanks to BOMES MIDI TRANSLATOR PRO. And that’s just the tip of the midi iceberg.

I’ll post more on this later if there’s any interest as I’m trying to get my hands on the Beta version of MG2 update.

Hi Tommy,
I can point out that Protools’ midi control is a closed system. I’m sure you have found the controller personalities in the settings(Mackie Hui etc…)
Where there are or were ways with a third party translation application to convert MIDI CCs like the FCB1010 can generate to HUI protocol it can be quite fiddly:-0
I love Protools but not for it’s closed subscription based business model.
Good luck