Cannot get MIDI guitar to open

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it multiple times. When I try to open the app, a brief hourglass icon appears and then nothing. I have used it in the past on another computer without this issue. Paid for the full version and everything…

Hi @ursa.major
What system are you on, Mac or PC? How long ago was it since you used it the last time? Is it a new OS but an old installer? Did you download the installer from Download – Jam Origin?

PC, probably about two years ago I used the program but this is a different machine that was just bought refurbished and runs better than the last one I used it on. Fairly certain I downloaded from here but I will double check.

Yes, uninstalled and downloaded again from this link and the same issue is happening.

The only time I’ve had MG2 crash on me, ifs when I have had some strange plugins that it couldn’t open. Do you know what plugins you have in your vst folder?

It looks like the only one there is “MidiGuitar2-32bit.dll”

I am not a PC guy unfortunately, but there seems to be some posts on the plugins already:

More than that, lets hope that perhaps @Herold can help you here?

Fortunately I just discovered that I can open the plugin through my DAW (Mixcraft 9) after adding the plugins folder to the list that it checks. Now, just having issues getting the plugin to receive any signal from my guitar interface.

I guess you open MIDI Guitar2 on an audio track, right? If you can record audio onto that track you shouldn’t have any problems (I think :roll_eyes: - PC and Mixcraft, I am totally lost :flushed:).

Can’t seem to click on or edit any of the host information. Doesn’t seem that the plugin is talking with the signal from the interface.

It looks like that when you use it as a plugin. You can’t change or edit anything in the Host Information box. It just says what is there. I find it strange that no channels are showing and also, you want to change you buffer size settings in you DAW to 256 or 128, depending on what works best for you. 309 samples is somewhat problematic, as far as settings goes.