Can't get midi out

Hi. New user, implementing Jam into my live keyboard/guitar setup.
Using Gig Performer on brand new Mac M1 mini.
I’m loving my results so far triggering Diva and Arturia VST’s, but in order to run more than 1 instance of synth I’m trying to use the Midi out of Jam into other VST’s
in Gig Performer - however there is no midi info coming out of the Jam block’s Midi Out in Gig Performer. I can’t see where in Jam I have control other than the channel control.
Any help greatly appreciated!

Hello @Lou1, welcome here :slight_smile:

IN GP, I assume you have connected your audio interface block to the audio in of the MG plugin block?
In MG plugin, does the display react to your playing in the Midi Velocity window?

Thanks for your response. Yes I should have mentioned that, the MG block is receiving and tracking my guitar nicely, and is playing my VST plug ins internally in MG. Just the Midi Out of MG doesn’t have any activity.

As a Windows user, I cannot help you with Mac issues.
Here is a link that may help you if you have the same configuration:
New plugin: “MIDI Guitar Minimal” for Mac / BigSur

Otherwise search for more answers by typing “Mac M1” in the search field, that’s where I found the previous link.

I have no problem with MG in GP, here is the simplest configuration that works perfectly without even needing to open the MG2 plugin

Capture d’écran 2021-08-30 183418