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Change Sample rate and buffer size on iOS


I’m connected via iRig HD 2 interface to my iPhone and could not manage to change the sample rate setting and the buffer via the MIDI Guitar 2 app. I did manage to open the window that display in audio interface setting in the app but I could not change the setting. Currently it is defined as 48Khz and 250.

Is it possible?


Hi Guy,
no, the iOS app is locked to 256 buffersize.

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thanks :cry:
so I guess this is the reason for the latency I have.

is it the same on an iPad?

What is the reason for that? Stability issues?


Latency is not only governed by our app’s buffersize. If you run other synths, check the buffersettings there too. But the biggest latency is the conversion itself.

can I assume that iPad Air (2019) which has A12 Bio vs my iPhone 8 which has A11 bio the latency will be better/smaller? Do you have any performance results or anything else which compare between the two?
I’m asking since I’m thinking of buying an iPad Air for using Midi Guitar app.

thanks !

The conversion speed is not related to the speed of the CPU: it is related to the wavelength of the notes involved. A newer cpu will allow you to load bigger synths because there is more CPU power, it wil however not change the conversion time.