Confused iOS/Mac


Been a long time fan of the Midi Guitar software, and am “Happy to help”.
So… downloaded Mac version onto my MacBook Pro (16" 20210, using Montery 12.5.1, with Apple M1 Pro chip.
First impressions (upon opening & before REGISTERING…nothing attached), interface does not fit on screen (too large), “ooooh glitchy”, CPU usage is jumping around between 60 & 70 FPS, the knobs, keys & button are randomly “jumping around” and have a pink “highlight” jumping all over the place (in sync with the logo lightening…i think). I can see where you are going with the logo design, it’s pretty cool, but to me (an older guy), simpler is better. Oh, okay, I chose 2 row, now it does fit on my screen, Okay, the mini midi fits beter, just found that, is that pink flashing supposed to be there? “Selection arrows/buttons don’t work, gain & gate rings jumping around (turning these did not help), other knobs seem to work fine “sending midi to” block” flashing pink intermittently. I will now REGISTER, and see if this makes a difference.
Overall, excited to plug in and see how it goes, hope this info is helpful.

Thanks for feedback. Please make sure you get the latest version. The UI will scale with the window. I dont think anything can jump around :thinking: - the halos on the knobs are there to give you direct visual feedback on what’s happening. Please start with the INTRODUCTION patch, and observe that there are 4 dimensions to each note, visualised in various ways.

Thanks will do, but, gave you the wrong feedback, none of the controls are “jumping around” (sorry, it’s that pink (highlight?), and some of the keys act as if they are being hit and contol “rings” that are “moving”, sorry if I alarmed you, didn’t mean to.
I was able to “resize” it, it didn’t seem possible initially.

I will do as you stated and see how it goes. I love this product and enjoy “turning other guitarists on to it”, was actually introducing another guitarist to Midi Guitar 2 last Saturday. (Very Solid)


Thanks :slight_smile: Those rings are are MIDI MPE visualisation and shows the PRESSURE, BRIGHTNESS and BEND of each note. When configured with a modern synth it can give you quite convincing and natural sound that actually feels (quite like) like guitar.
The FPS is not about CPU but about the refresh rate of the UI.

Thanks for the invitation to participate in the beta. As I’m on Windows I’ll have to wait a while, but I’m looking forward to plugging in! V2 has been a great tool so far - quite liberating.

Just picked up a iPad Pro from 2017 (256) sd. New to the Apple stuff, and trying to figure out how to install MG3 beta. Any help would be appreciated. regarding how 2’s, video’s, etc. Note; had Midi Guitar on a Win PC since ver 1. SO amazing.

MG3 for iOS is not in the beta testing phase yet. The current available beta version is for macOS only.

After racking my brain for a couple of days now, that explains it. That whole Apple thing between the Mac and iPad, always messed with me. Thanks for the heads up.