Cubase 11 Issues - Works fine in Cubase 10.5

Hi All

I’m getting no input signal on the Midi Guitar GUI when running in Cubase 11 Pro.
When I open 10.5, input signal is showing up on the GUI, and Midi Guitar performs as expected!
Any thoughts?


Did you see the guide here:

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Hi. Yes, I did. I went through the steps before posting my question. Its the same way that I route it in midi 10.5 - which in 10.5 works fine?!
As a side-note Midi Bass won’t work in 11 either.
I’m using the same physical routing into the daw for both 10.5 and 11, so no problem there. But in 11 there is no guitar signal at all registering in the Midi Guitar GUI input.
I’m wondering about uninstalling Midi Guitar and Midi Bass, then reinstalling them fresh from your website.
Can’t see what else to try.
What do you think?


I know that other users are using Cubase 11 without problems.

It it completely silent or can you get the guitar signal to pass though MG (when selecting for example the Drawbar Rock patch)?

Completely silent.
No visual input level showing up on Midi Guitar GUI.
I’d tested MDA Piano to make sure it wasn’t an output issue before posting. Same result with Midi Bass.
Switch back to 10.5 and everything works as it should!
I’m using the latest update of Cubase 11 Pro (11.0.10)

I would like to help you but it is difficult to look for answers with so little information.
In order to circumscribe the field of investigation, read this post:
How to report issues and ask properly for help?
and tell us at least what is your configuration: OS, version of the OS, version of Midi Guitar.

Hi Herold

I’m on a PC.
Cubase Pro 11.0.10
Windows 10
Midi Guitar version 2.2.1

Using the same setup Midi Guitar and Midi Bass both work as expected in Cubase Pro 10.5
But when in Cubase Pro 11.0.10, with the same routing as when in 10.5, there is no guitar signal being registered at the front of the Midi Guitar plugin GUI. Also no signal when using the Midi Bass plugin.

In most of the cases, new problems may come from:

  • obsolete instructions no more supported in the coding of a driver, an application, etc.
  • new instructions requiring last updates for drivers, software and hardware to allow flawless functioning.

Have you the last Windows 10 version? it should be 20H2
Which audio interface do you use and is its driver up to date?

Since MG2 works properly in Cubase 11 for other users, check the points above.
If everything is up to date and if the problem persists, try uninstalling/reinstalling Cubase.

I do not use Cubase but in example I encountered several issues when updating to Win10 20H1: no more sound in my audio interface and in an audio application. Updating drivers and reinstalling the application solved the problem.

Please open the “interface” panel in the MG plugin - it might give clues to what is going on.