How to report issues and ask properly for help?

As a simple user of this forum, I often look for information and answers to my questions or problems I encounter. I also like to help other users by sharing my experience on this forum.

This is why I take the liberty of recalling here a few rules that allow us to obtain quick and precise answers to the questions we ask ourselves:

Before posting your question, make sure you’ve read all informations on Jam Origin

Then think about searching for answers on this forum by simply typing keywords in the search field.
You will often be surprised by the number and relevance of the answers.

If you couldn’t find a solution to your problem and you’d like to ask the community for support,
please answer the questions below as completely as this will make it easier to help:

  • OS and version: What computer do you use: PC, Mac, iOS?

  • What operating system and what version?

  • Computer hardware: Share with us your hardware specification (RAM, CPU, HDD/SSD, etc.).

  • Midi Guitar version: What version do you use?

  • Plugins involved: If your issue is caused by a plugin, please tell us the plugin’s name and version.

  • Audio and MIDI hardware: If you have trouble with your audio interface or your MIDI controller hardware, please tell us the manufacturer, the model, and other useful information (e.g. firmware version, how is it connected to your computer, do you use a powered/nonpowered USB hub…).

  • Your actual aim: Please tell us the “whole story” - don’t leave out parts you may think are not important. Please describe us the whole process, e.g. how plugins are organized so we can suggest you the best practices.

  • Internationality: Be aware of the fact that not all of the users (including myself) are English native speakers, since many people worldwide use Midi Guitar. So please tolerate possibly bad English. We are all trying our best here. :wink:

Thank you to Erik Schamass at Gig Performer comnunity for his contribution.