Deep Expressor the (hidden) gem inside MG3

When it comes to Midi Guitar, discussion is always focused on latency, Guitar to Midi Conversion and related stuff. That’s understandable. However inside MG2 and now in MG3 Beta, Deep Expressor with new GUI and an easier mode of operation is growing a life on its own that can really transform your guitar into a synth. I have created a video (forgive my screenplay, montage and playing) to show why I love so much MG3 as a whole and Deep Expressor!

Deep Expressor


you are getting great tones with deep expressor. i especially like the clarinet and the variations.

videos like this will help convince the unbelievers that this stuff is both magic and supremely musical.

you mention a patch you miss from the vg-99, for me it was the vg8-ex. those were the last devices boss delivered which played like musical instruments. i can’t think of a single sy-1000 synth patch i miss. i certainly don’t miss having to close and re-open the boss tone studio a dozen times per session.

interesting: the use of the neck/bridge pickups to alter brightness. kind of turns the pickup selector into a synth control knob/filter.

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Thanks Kimyo. The patches are variations of the imported standard patches from MG2, tuned to my taste. I can say that MG3 Deep Expressor is easier to deal with and show more sensitiveness to parameter changes. It seems strange but in MG2 I was not able to create a timbre from scratch while in MG3 I can and I am very happy :grinning:
Using different pickups alters the sound and that took me by surprise.
It really seems that DE ‘understands’ the harmonics of every single note and based on the relative % of harmonic strength alters the timbre of the guitar. Roland called them HRM back in the day but I think in DE there’s a secret ingredient at work. Sometimes I think… a Pedal with DE inside, with ADSR addition and LFO. Things that maybe in the last version of MG3 we are going to have. Imagine mapping Modulators to harmonics… endless fun.

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if your goal is to turn my jealous-ometer up to 11, you have succeeded.

i am poised to employ both the deep effexor and the sustain with great abandon.

i’m running out of diversions. soon i’ll have to take up knitting or croquet.

still, it’s really nice to hear you enjoy it. your playing is very fluid, if there is a mistrigger in there i missed it.

edit to add: it might be interesting to have a blend feature using two deep effexor presets. not an A / B type of thing, but one where each eq slider moves individually from setting1 to setting2. the transition, in my imagination at least, would sound amazing.


I like the jealous-ometer thing but it was not my goal :smiley: I know a Windows Beta is not there yet.

Thanks for the nice comment about my playing. There’s a lot of legatos in there.

Back to Deep Expressor I wanted to make people understand that we have a champion in MG3 that coupled with all the rest can become unbeatable.
Your blend idea is very good. At the moment is not possible AFAIK to map anything to sliders but maybe in the future it will. I can try with the help of someone to play while moving the bars.

Awesome playing, and thank you for making that video, pasha!
I wonder if you could help us out… I will just send you a PM…

Also, related: Deep Harmonic EQ as standalone VST

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Deep Expressor is a fine thing. Could the further development be inspired in some way by “MELODYNE Sound Editor”?

Here is an informative video from Melodyne/Celemony: