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Does anyone know of a free Leslie effect Vst?

Does anyone know of a free or relatively inexpensive Leslie effect Vst that with work with MG2?

I have the 32 bit one from MDA and it works well in Daw’s that are 32 bit or even Audacity but it would have to be 64 bit for MG2 on Win 10.

If you like your 32bit plugin, consider using JBridge to convert it to 64bit.
This is not the best solution because stability is not guaranteed but depending on the plugin it can work without any issue.

Thanks Herold;
I’m particulary interested in converting the Mda Leslie.dll and Mda Stereo.dll vst’s to 64 bit.

If you know they will work let me know.

I wrote to the Jbridge support and asked if they would test them as I would like to make sure the conversion works before purchasing thier software. It’s 14.99 I think which would be worth it as there are lots of 32 bit MDA vst’s that are good for guitar effects and placement etc.

I use a lot of freewares that are only 32 bit.
Although I have a very limited budget, I bought the JBridge license because it allowed me to convert all the plugins I wanted to use in 64bit applications.
In some of these applications, some bridged plugins crash the program but 95% work perfectly.

Unfortunately the MDA plugins work (default sound) but are not modifiable: the parameters are not accessible (black screen)

Thanks for the advice on the mda stuff. It’s not that great for all Daws etc but they all work fine in Audacity
I found another one that sounds very good and has a cc controller capability for controlling the speed of the leslie effect which is perfect:

I finally found a place to download it and I did a quick test in Audacity but the midi controler part won’t load of course.

It’s hard to find the Download so I could send the dll to you to see if it can be conver ted to 64 bit with Jbridge. If you have an email I could send it to please let me know.
It is DonationWare so I assume it’s ok for me to send it to you.

I was wondering about the Jbridge. Does it act like an in/out translator for specific programs or does it actually re-output the code in 64 bit?

Another free Leslie effect but also 32 bit: Spiner LE - Leslie simulator v.1.0
The bridged version works fine and I never had any crash with it.

I do not know how JBridge works: it is only said “inter-process communication mechanisms”.

An alternative to get a 64bit leslie effect is buying DB-33 Virtual Organ by AIR Music Technology for 12.81 € at the moment.
You will have a nice vst organ to play + a separate vst leslie effect usable alone.
You can download a trial version to evaluate it.

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Use Reaper. It hosts 32 bit VSTs.

You might be better served by trying the 64-bit AmpVibe Rotary Speaker plugin. It’s the least expensive one I could find ($30). That’s only $15 more the jBridge. There’s a demo version you can try before you buy. I have ZERO experiece with this plugin; just sharing what I found.

AmpVibe Rotary Speaker

I tried SpinnerLe and it’s only mono so it’s not the best for realistic leslie effects although if it was stereo I think it would be fine.

Ampvibe demos sound real good. I don’t think it’s made to simulate a Leslie exactly as there’s no control over the diferent speed for the hi horn and lo speaker and no cc controller to switch between hi and low speeds (but I assume somehow you could use a pedal to switch between presets for a speed change (but the slow change in rate like a real leslie wouldn’t happen)
It would be a great overall effect for placement and nice chorus effects and of course most leslie like effects and other panning / rotary effects.
I’d like to get it just for what it is.

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I have sonar producer 32 bit that works fine with the MDA Leslie and other MDA vst’s but I’m wanting something for the MG Stand Alone version with no DAW for live use which is 64 bit.

True Leslie emulations are EXPENSIVE. That’s why didn’t suggest one. I have a couple of good ones, but they’re $100+.

AmpVibe Rotary Speaker is very nice.
I would purchse it for what it is.
I don’t think I need to convert anything but I did get a reply from the people who offer the software and they seem fine.
I will purcahse the bit conversion software for no reason other than to see what it does.
I assume it adds a translator but who knows?

64 / 2 = 32

so for instance a 4 bit to 2 bit example:
I have no idea how they are doing it.

It is stereo: see above dry signal on left/wet signal on right

i’m very satisfied with j-bridge, i have a couple of vst’s which can be sketchy but the majority run very smoothly.

in this case, though, a kind programmer has taken it upon himself to update the mda vst’s to 64 bit. they’re posted here:


look for the ’ mda-vst-src 100214’ folder.

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Yes I just listened and compared to the MDA Leslie. I think the Spinner LE has much less spread so it’s sounds almost mono compared to the MDA. The frequency range of Spinner LE is very limited for some reason. The Q control is ok but it makes it even less wide range of course.
Maybe they were trying to simulate the max and min freq range of the older leslie horn and speaker drivers.

This a folder for source compiling . There are no vst inside.
The vst 64 bit folder is mda-vst-bin-win-64-2010-02-14.zip

My results:

  • Midi Guitar: only 3 presets. UI can not be opened
  • VstHost: only 3 presets. UI can not be opened
  • Gig Performer: UI can be opened and all parameters edited

Hopefully you have found a working solution??

If not … have a look at SurgeFx which comes with Surge Synth

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PS. Although the link I posted above is to the nightly releases - the stable 1.9 version has exactly the same options.