Fixed: License code/Activation problems

I’m under impression its going better now… if you still have issues, please PM me in this forum with the email that you use (and used for the purchase) and a number [1…7] from the below list of where your experience differ from this:

  1. Please open the standalone version and make sure its 3.0.37 or above (at the top title bar).

  2. Click the "I previously purchased… " button (it disappears, a dialog pops up).

  3. Enter email (from your purchase order) into the dialog.

  4. A new dialog pops up waiting for your code.

  5. Check email - it seems it often ends up in email spam folders.

  6. In the email, click the link to get a page with your license code.

  7. Paste license code into the dialog in MG3 (ctrl-V doesn’t seem to work, but right click mouse/“Paste” does)

  8. Now the button comes back and it should say Activated.