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Fretless MIDI Guitar

For anyone interested in the idea of Fretless guitar and the MIDI Guitar 2 software, or a homemade wireless breath controller setup for that matter. Here’s a place to start.
My idea is that emulating any non fretted instruments playing style will in some cases render more realistic results. But another thing is the small intonation issue, the small pitch raise caused by pressing the string against the fret that actually registers with the MIDI Guitar software and sometimes causes an unpleasant result with the triggered sound. With fretless guitars, you don’t have that naturally. I’ll be happy to hear if someone have had any similar experiences?


You may need some way of splitting tones into many more tones.
Maybe split one tone into 8 steps but I don’t think you will be midi compatible unless you use a CC controller for different notes even if that is currently possible for a full scale.
I think you can achieve some of those simulations with MG and a fretted guitar.

I don’t know how well MG will track if you are out of tune from A440.

Ask Paul.

Hi! I am not sure as to why I would want to split my notes here? (I take it you are referring to notes throughout?) What am I missing?I am using MG2 here, and with regard to any single note it doesn’t matter if you are flat or sharp relative to A440. MG have a problem with handling the semitone interval, with picking up notes ringing simultaneously. But there is no problem for me to start playing a note at any place on the fretless neck. Perhaps I’m missing your point? Please tell me, if that is the case.

I should have said somehow split a note into several intervals instead of just semitones.
I don’t think there;s any CC controller that could so that but I’m not sure.
I was just suggesting maybe there’s a way to track notes as you slide for instance.
I can get MG to follow bends but that wouldn’t work for a long slide on a fretless.
Maybe I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.

But you can play between notes in other intervals than semitones, and that is my point. and you most certainly can have MG2 to follow long slides on the fretless. Check out the cello at the end for that!


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For anyone interested in the fretless setup (again with breath controller) but with another focus: namely on Microtonal Glissandi and as a modernist classical expression/tool. (New video with a lot of added applications.)


That sounds cool. So what is the breath controller doing?

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Thanks! Breath controller control only expression here (CC2 or CC11)!

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Well it’s very good. I’m curious as to how the software knows what notes you’re playing. Is it bending essentially one note with pitch bend?

Yes, as I set the individual violins with different pitch bend ranges that are all going to start off on the same (new) note, but behave differently to the incoming pitch bend info, here being slide on the fretless! If I just play single notes and doesn’t bend at all, you would only hear it as one instrument.

OK. I think I’ve got it… I must try this myself on my own fretless instrument… Thanks!

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